Anti Aging Tampons

A couple of interesting emails came to me this week including an offer to review some new fancy-ass tampons. That is correct. And a press release letting me know that there is a new range of anti-aging hair care products on the market. Apparently it will not happen overnight, but it will happen. Great. One more thing to worry about. Old hair.

And because clearly my mind works in mysterious ways and I have far to much free time on my hands, I came up with a concept myself.

The Anti-Aging Tampon.

Now hear me out. What if we could embed the tampon with all the anti aging scientific shizz?

Possible sales pitch?
New Revitalising Feminine Hygiene range revitalizes chemically stressed and damaged vaginas and revives radiance and resilience. Vagina feels replenished with softness and feels light and supple with a lustrous shine.
Note the purple text? For some reason all tampon ads have purple in them.
And wait! I have thought about the models.
Before using Anti-Aging Tampons

After using Anti-Aging Tampons

I know. I am a fricking genius right?
So before I tread the long path of taking this from concept stage to seeing my products on the shelf at Franklins, I need to come up with a name. And ask the public, would you buy this?
So, would you buy this? And what should I call this tampon?