Did I party with Guns n Roses?

I woke up this morning with my friend, associate and social media strategist SawHole in my hotel bed. Which is not the first time in our 20 year friendship, but the first time in a long time. We had been partying and playing at the first ever Australian Bloggers Conference since Friday night. When we woke, and after SawHole complained about my incessant farting and snoring all night, we surveyed our room and wondered whether we had partied with Axel Rose the night before.

Then SawHole went down to the State Library and came back with this information which not only confirmed our suspicions that we were extremely average at everything, but we were also supporting a well known statistic.

While we all know women do more housework at home, it seems their good habits fly out of the window and onto the floor in hotels, with Novotel housekeepers confirming that female guests are more likely to leave their rooms in a shambles than men (69 per cent) and are more likely to flood the bathroom (72 per cent). Women are also more likely to ‘souvenir’ items from their rooms with shampoos and toiletries being the most popularly pilfered items (which are acceptable), but extending to bathrobes, hairdryers, cushions and even toilet paper (not acceptable). From http://www.hotelmanagement.com.au/

On reading these findings, I went and removed all the toilet paper I had stashed in my bag. (not acceptable)
It was good to know we were not the only ones who could totally filth up a perfectly nice hotel room in 2 days. There was evidence suggesting that one night, I demanded SawHole test nibble on an entire box of Darrell Lea chocolates until she found me a peppermint cream. (I hate it when you bite into a chocolate with gusto only to discover it is a coconutty one, or even worse a turkish delight) There was also evidence to support my haphazard views I have on hanging clothes back up or putting them away once they have been worn.

We were literally living in our own filth

Were we becoming hoarders? Can that happen in 48 hours?

I will remember this every time I yell at Mr Woog for leaving wet towels on the floor

Yes, I really did need that much face crap.
So this morning we had to face it. We were pigs. And after 48 hours of talking, blogging, kissing bloggers, dancing, listening, speaking, drinking, laughing, Watching SawHole mopping the dance floor with a Rubbermaid mop, laughing and drinking, the party was over.

SawHole pointing out to Nikki from Styling You where all the famous people lived. There was Russell Crowes place and Alan Jones place. And she told her with some authority that the Wiggles lived at the Opera House.

So apart from discovering that I am a totally festy hotel guest, the other thing I learnt this weekend was that Mr Woog and the Woogettes could survive without me for 2 days. This is actually going to be an ongoing study. Stay tuned for more findings.