Evacuate the Dancefloor

I have woken up this morning with an enormous zit on my chin. Which is a sure sign I have a big event coming up. At least it is not a cold sore, as I am going to be doing a lot of kissing this weekend.

I plan to kiss each of the 150 bloggers going. Just a peck though. No tongue.
Mr Woog has got the kids all weekend and at the moment they are tres feral. They boys are a bit sceptical and I am selling the whole idea of Boys Weekend to them which Jack is horrified at. Then I told them they would probably have McDonalds for every meal so they seem quite pleased that Mum is pissing off for the weekend to learn to be a better blogger.
I am hoping to learn more about blogging. And margarita ingredients. I will be looking for a partner to do a duet on stage with. At this point I am thinking Elton and Kiki’s “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart”
I am hoping no one will notice this zit.
And I will be doing a whole lot of this!

Can I save you a dance?