The Family Tree and Giveaway

One of the best things about being besties with Sydney Silversmith Extraordinaire Uberkate is getting a pressie from her on your birthday. It starts with a conversation like this.

Uberkate : What do you want for your birthday this year Mrs Woog?

Mrs Woog : Uberkate

Uberkate : Well I thought for a change I could book us both into a day-spa….

Mrs Woog : Uberkate

Uberkate : Or we could go away and stay in a hotel for a night and have a great dinner somewhere?

Mrs Woog : Uberkate

Uberkate : A case of Vodka?

Mrs Woog : …………………………… pause………………………. Uberkate.

And it is because I can never have enough of her beautiful, handmade jewellery. She is a total clever clogs and each Mother’s Day she comes up with a signature piece. This year she has designed a hunky chunky sterling silver pendant called the Family Tree Pendant. Check it out!

“My inspirations for this necklace are the growth rings of a tree stump. I wanted to design a piece, which like a tree, holds the key to the wearers family history such as where you met your partner, where you were married, special dates and children’s names.”

If I were ever lucky enough to own one (hint hint) I think I would have Woogie catch cry phrases stamped into it. These would include,

Can someone get me some toilet paper?

Put your shoes on!


Get in the car

I’m hungry

If you do not want to look after the guinea pigs properly, well we will just give them away to someone who will love them!

Can you get your scooter off the front stairs Harry….

The complete Uberkate range can be shopped at and it is a handy idea to forward this website onto your better half so he can order your Mother’s Day present now. Sure beats the shit out of getting this again hey!

Or you can win one here! Uberkate has given me a Family Tree Pendant worth $695 to bestow onto a lucky reader. The winner we be able to work with Uberkate to personalise this beautiful pendant. And I am already jealous. And SawHole you are unable to enter.

To win, please leave a comment on this post telling me why you want it. You can tweet this giveaway but you must come back and leave an additional comment on this post letting me know you have done so, and BINGO! You get an extra entry! We are playing this one simple.

Random.Org will select a winner on Monday 11th April.

And a mega thanks to Uberkate! Check her out at her website , follow her on twitter at @uberkatejewels or come to my house and together we will go over and have a cup of tea with her.