Gracie Woog

We have a morning tradition in WoogsWorld called snuggle time. It happens at about 7am and the Woogettes jump into bed with me and we have a little chat which mainly turns into a fight and ends with me getting out of bed and leaving them to sort it out. Then one of them comes to me in tears and that is how I start my day. Relaxing.

This morning we were having snuggle time when Jack asked me where he came from. I told him “You came from my tummy.” And then he proceeded to tell me I had made a little mistake because he was supposed to be a girl called Gracie. Harry then informed him that if he was to be born a girl, he would have to have his eyebrows ripped out, get babies cut out of his tummy and he would have to do school drop off and pick up.

Jack looked out the window for a minute before informing me that it was fine that I made him a boy. If he only knew the half of it.

Well Played Harry.