A handy guide to the Mundane

mun·dane Adjective /ˌmənˈdān/
1.Lacking interest or excitement; dull
seeking a way out of his mundane, humdrum existence

I carry out mundane duties every day, and try to make the most out of them. Most of them are so mundane, I struggle to find any joy in it at all.
So I am going to rate them using the Woog Wine System.

Getting excited about my Tupperware Happy Chopper. I know I need to get a life. The other day I actually thought to myself how clever I was to have made this purchase and have successfully used it for months without chopping my finger off.

Mundane Ranking – 2 Glasses

The evening fight with Mr Woog about cleaning up after dinner. The same argument every day. “I have been at work all day” v “That is great – because I have been doing fuck all all day“. Mundane and boring, but it would feel strange not to have this exchange nearly every night.

Mundane Ranking – 2 Glasses

Ahhh – the old school drop off which is the climax of a thousand “Put your shoes on. Where are your shoes? No you have sport today so your sports shoes. Wrong feet. Are your orthodics in? PUT YOUR SHOES ON” But a glimmer of light when sometimes we are a bit early and can partake in the local cafe’s hospitality.

Mundane Ranking – 1 glass (although I think I am being a little light here)

Covering a million school books in both a paper cover then contact can create a scene not unlike Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Wrong covers on wrong books and air bubbles a plenty. And they all were due last week. Can bring a grown woman to tears very quickly.

Mundane Ranking – 3 Glasses

School Lunches – more often than not involve scraping out yesterday’s festering offering and replacing them with yet another sandwich will not be eaten. Except on Thursdays, when they will happily each the exact same sandwich that the canteen lady makes.

Mundane Ranking – 2 Glasses

School pick up time. If I were not in danger of getting reported to DOCS or having the police knock on my door, I would happily be half an hour late every day to avoid the total shit fight that occurs at the end of the school day over parking. Road rage incidents between North Shore Alpha mums are a daily occurrence. I think I might make a documentary about it.

Mundane Ranking – 2 Glasses

Totally not mundane in any way

Alcohol Free Day

What happens when I do not do washing for a day and need to cancel plans to tackle this festering mountain of boy sweat.

Mundane Ranking – 3 Glasses

Mr Woog gently enquires when I am going to do a grocery shop each week.

Mundane Ranking – 2 Glasses

Trying to open the Tupperware Drawer every day, only to shove more plastic shit it it that I rarely use and I can never find what I am after anyway.

Mundane Ranking – 1 glass

And finally, what I hate the most and what I do the most. Pack and Unpack the fucking dishwasher. And sometimes I then have to wash up several bowls because I was not quick enough to rinse Weetbix off them. I hate our dishwasher. it is a piece of crap that makes a lot of noise. And do not say it is better than not having one. Ok, it is better than not having one, I just HATE unpacking it. HATE.

So there you have it. A summary of my daily mundane tasks. Do you Agree or disagree?

What mundane task drives you to drink?