Do you have his shoes?

I had lunch with the delectable Uberkate today. She was dressed in gym clothes with long black polyester gym pants on that I swear game ME thrush just by sitting next to her.

Anyway, she was telling me a story and it went a little something like this.

Uberkate: So Mr Uberkate and Cameron (young son) were shopping at Woolies yesterday and I was in the fruit section squeezing all the fruit when out of the blue my husband starts screaming at me from the end of the supermarket. DO YOU HAVE ISSUES??

Me: What?


Me: That does not sound like him?

Uberkate: I know! So I said “What?” and he yells back “Do you have ISSUES! ISSUES!” And although I did not want to tear him a new asshole in public, I was about to when he holds Cameron up. “Do you have issues?”

And no, she did not have issues.