Mundane Alert – Handbags

I do not know why the glossies think we would find it interesting if they shoot and write about the contents of stylish woman’s handbags. And I do not know why I am always drawn to those articles like a fly on dog shit. When I study them I end up feeling as stylish as a crazy person with a pet rat on her shoulder, like the one that is always hanging out at our local train station. I mean come on! Who carries a glass candle around in their bag? Really?

Here are the contents of the handbags that belong to the chickens that work at cool Aussie Label Bec and Bridge. I do not think I would like any of these ladies in real life if that is truly what is in their handbags. Click over to their blog for a closer inspection of what is in their handbags. Go on, I’ll wait.

My favourite line is Lauren loves to mix things up and always keeps us guessing!

Oh Lauren! You cheeky Minx.

My friend The Divine Ms M lugs around with her an enormous bag. This is very comforting as I can often ask her if she has a needle and thread, a banana paddle pop or a copy of The Renters Guide and she invariably does. I lug a big bag around with me as well, but it is full of useless crap. Here is my bag. Poor old sausage. I treat her so mean, kicking her under tables at cafes and dumping her on the ground when I get home. My mother always said I did not deserve nice things, and looking at my Miu Miu*, I think she was right.

And what do I lug around with me every day? Let’s take a closer look.

Car Keys

Bit of plastic

Rego Sticker that should have been put on the Mazda on March 6


7 Receipts

Hairbrush full of hair and bag fuzz

Bag Fuzz

Jack’s Mathletics Login Card

Assortment of Tampons in varying states of distress


Wilson’s collar from the day he had to be put down at the vet – still sad

a nasty sticky lip gloss

A broken wallet full of Baker’s Delight Loyalty cards

An angry little Lego Man

A cord used to plug into your car lighter then into an (unknown) device

A piece of white A4 paper with a faint red circle drawn on it

A bit of paper saying the Mazda passed it’s pink slip (might frame)

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Cream

Half a dinosaur

A tube of Diprosone

A vial of Rescue Remedy to use during school pick up line

A cola flavoured Chupa Chump (why are you so hard to open?)

A box of matches from Lees Fortuna Court

A pair of Gold Uberkate earrings

A pair of nose hair trimming scissors for when I am stuck in traffic

Lauren would be horrified! But I deem it necessary to carry this around with me all day. Although really all I need is the wallet, keys and nose hair trimming scissors.

I would love to know what the most bizarre thing is that you are carrying around in your handbag. Spill!

*Miu Miu is a fashion label, not a vagina.