It is amazing that you can go through life without not knowing about certain things. So when a reader emailed me over the weekend to point me in the direction of something she was sure I would like to learn about, I could not thank her enough.
I am going to give you a moment to read this a few times. Because I had to read it a few times to let the reality of what they are suggesting might enhance your wax job sink in.

Ok. Let us discuss.
First up, I do not understand why you would want to remove everything from there only to replace it with something else. Makes no sense to me.

Secondly, if I were to get this treatment, do you think they could design one that says in rhinestones “I am a complete idiot to have had this done” or “Not tonight darling, I am watching Glee.
And finally, if I was going to make an $80 investment in jewellery, I think I would spend it on earrings or something else that has a slightly higher chance that more than one person could admire it.
The term is called vajazzling and the Urban Dictionary has an entire page to describe it, but in a nutshell it is defined as To give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance. Which is ironic as I do believe the male genitalia would benefit more from such a treatment. Imagine it people!

I delved a little deeper into this business’s website and found a waxing menu that contains things that I did not even think was possible. It seems there is hair everywhere!

Waxing For Women
Face $ 30.00
Hairline $ 10.00
Eyebrow Clean-Up $ 20.00
Eyebrow Styling $ 30.00
Nose $ 15.00
Cheeks $ 10.00
Lips $ 10.00
Chin $ 10.00
Neck $ 15.00
Half Arm $ 30.00
Full Arm $ 40.00
Under Arm $ 15.00
Stomach $ 20.00
Half Back $ 20.00
Full Back $ 30.00
Bikini $ 30.00
Brazilian $ 50.00
Nude $ 50.00
Half Derriere $ 50.00
Full Derriere $ 35.00
Half Leg $ 40.00
Full Leg $ 50.00
Full Leg & Bikini $ 75.00
Half Leg & Brazilian $ 75.00
Full Leg & Brazilian $ 90.00
Feet/Toes $ 10.00

Waxing For MEN
Hairline $ 15.00
Nose $ 15.00
Neck $ 15.00
Center of Brow $ 10.00
Eyebrow Clean-Up $ 25.00
Eyebrow Shaping $ 35.00
Back of Neck $ 20.00
Shoulders $ 25.00
Ears $ 20.00
Half Arm $ 40.00
Full Arm $ 50.00
Under Arm $ 25.00
Chest $ 45-75
Bikini $ 60.00
Half Back $ 35+
Full Back $ 75.00
Stomach $ 35-45
Half Derriere 35-45
Full Derriere $ 60.00
Between the Cheek 40.00
Half Leg $ 55.00
Full Leg $ 85.00
Feet/Toes $ 20.00

I suppose my question to this establishment is that why, if I am a hairy arsed woman, do I need to pay MORE to get half my butt waxed than if I wanted to get the full butt job? Seems a bit unfair to me. Although I was pleased to note that for the same service, men pay more. About bloody time.

To Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle, that is the question. And I think you already know my answer. And you?