The Gunt Hold

I was reading an article in today’s Sunday Life entitled The Great Mummy Debate, which is a topic that is trotted out a few times a year to get all mum’s hot under the collar and start debating each other. It must be a slow news week.
It was written by Jacinta Tynan, as she continues to flog motherhood for all it’s worth. The article mainly talked about bottle v breast, co-sleeping, demand feeding and something called Calm Birth , which is a course you can take to give birth, well, more calmly. Ok. I should teach the course Hysterical Birthing. Anyways…..

The feature centred around Rebecca Judd, who is a WAG of some footy player and she is a bit of a hottie I must say. She is also 6 months up the duff. She actually only gets about 2 dozen lines in the 5 page article, but there are some nice photos of her designer bump. I think this chick will be ok at this mothering gig as she expresses “I understand that all babies are different and that what works from some mums isn’t necessarily going to work for me and my bub.” which in my language translates to “Keep your unwanted opinions to yourself!”
Right on my skinny sister!

There was something oddly familiar about this article, and bellies and covers swirled in my mind until I made the connection.

Both Jacinta and Rebecca have done the gunt hold pose on the cover of Sunday Life! Almost identically!
And it would seem they are in esteemed company. Do all expecting celebs get tips from their agents about posing while pregnant? When you see a camera on you, grab your gunt.

Double handed gunt grab by Nic

2 Gunt Grabs

Hahaha! It looks like I just ate a lot of pasta….

Totally Blaming Demi for this epidemic. She started it.

I actually think Claudia is having a bit of a go….

Serial Offender
Serial Offender doing it on a big bouncy ball.

When I was pregnant, I basically ran whenever I saw a lens focused on me. But there were certain times when I could not escape. Like if I was at a wedding watching Mr Woog drinking and having fun but my face in those photos are all of me looking less than impressed with the whole scene. Also the obligatory shot you have before you go to the hospital to have the baby where you are basically just crying So that is no good either.

There is one photo of me lying on the couch in our non air conditioned house 85 weeks pregnant with Harry during a heat wave. Basically from the top of my hairline down was bloated like a body you might have pulled out of the water when it had been in the water for 2 weeks.

So kudos to you girls in this post for managing to look so lovely and fresh in your photos. Just please stop holding your gunts. Try this pose instead.