How I got my body back.

It seems I cannot pick up a paper or a magazine these days without reading about how a celebrity managed to get per “body back” even before her obstetrician had finished suturing her vajayjay after needing 2 stitches following her drug free water birth.

Miranda Kerr showing off her bikini body 3 Months after having her baby. Totally smokin.

I suppose I cannot sit here and judge anyone while I type, eat easter eggs and look out the window. But I cannot help thinking, I actually do not want my pre-baby body back. It was pretty shithouse to start with. 

But what I WOULD like is a world free of serial offending cover celebs telling me how easy it is to do.

Oh and in case you missed it….

Everyone’s favourite Mothering Role Model

Do these articles inspire you or bore the shit out of you?

And do you want an Easter Egg? 
Can you please come and take them away from me now.