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Libbi Gorr has selected 3 winners to receive a copy of her new book The A-Z of Mummy Manners. They are Blackberry Cat, Scoltes and Misfit Mommy. Congratulations! Please email me your details [email protected]

And at a time where motherhood can seem like a competitive sport and celebrity mums continue to be vilified in the media for choices they are making, Ms Gorr also has a cool message.

Calling All of Mrs Woogs Mummy Friends

Thank you for joining in the Art of Mummy Manners Blog, and congratulations to the winners of my cheeky book, The A-Z of Mummy Manners, an Etiquette Guide for Dealing with Other Children’s Mothers and Assorted Mummy Dilemmas.

I want you to know that I wrote this book in celebration of all my Mummy Friends who give so much love support and understanding in my quest to be a good Mummy and Still be Me at the same time, as a pledge that I too would support them do the same at this most precious and vulnerable time of our lives. Of course, it is inevitable that I’ll screw it up at times. But I’ll try.

I am not unaware of the irony of Libbi Gorr and Manners at being uttered in the same breath.

That’s my encouragement to you to – to re-establish some sort of sisterhood in just being supportive to others in the same Mummyhood – you don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but you CAN be kind, friendly aware of your surroundings and not make life any more of a challenge by you being involved with theirs.

I think it’s is possible. If man can walk on the moon, it must be.

Most Polite salutations to youse all.

Libbi x

Thank you Libbi. I am sure there is something in that for everyone.

And on another note, when you remember, absolutely no rush at all and when you have a minute, is there any chance you can return my yellow Tupperware Cake Container?

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