Love. Wisdom. Motherhood. Pol Roger.

Last week I attended the launch of Jessica Rowe’s new book called Love, Wisdom. Motherhood. In this book, Jessica interviews well known and respected Australian Mothers such as Lisa McCune, Heidi Middleton, Wendy Harmer, Gail Kelly and Collette Dinnigan, to name a few, to share their journey and experiences in Motherhood. And it is not froth, bubbles and sugar coated. More like a real and honest take on motherhood, the highs and lows and all that goes on in between. The way I like my ladies, 100% real.

The launch was held at the Offices at Allen and Unwin Publishers and featured 6 flights of stairs and chilled flutes of Pol Roger Champagne which is apparently the Queens favourite, so if was good enough for her, then that justified my actions by having 3 glasses of it.

The Governor General, Her Royal Fabulousness Quentin Bryce, who also contributed her thoughts to Love. Wisdom. Motherhood was on hand to officially launch the book. She was resplendent in green and had her own fancy bodyguard in white, that looked nothing like Kevin Costner. But he did keep one eye on me as I immediately photo-bombed the Governor General.

Quentin Bryce about to take the party pies out of the oven under my watchful eye. Unknowingly photo-bombed.
I tracked down the Star of the Show. She was very beautiful and very, very tall.

And very funny!
Hey Jess, Pull my Finger?
She was a sparkly goddess and a total delight to chat to. I asked her if she ever swore and no, she doesn’t. She would not even spell a profanity out. The launch was like crashing a family event, with what would seem was her entire extended family present. It was a total treat to meet them all, particularly her mum Penelope, who co-authored the book The Best of Times, The Worst of Times in 2006. Another non-sugar coated inspirational book that you must read.
As I was leaving the event, The Overton/Rowe clan were gathering up all their kids and were heading off to dinner together. I was very tempted just to tag along, hoping they would not notice an extra person at the table. It is a family you would like to belong to.