Numerically Speaking

19 days

10 days of rain

1 trip to the Easter Show

11 Bottles of wine

1389 in house fights

1 day early back to work for Mr Woog to avoid more time watching rain

4 smacks

42 band aids

2 mummy crying sessions

6 pizzas

5 days of tennis camp

1 day of science camp

3 half days of dance camp

63 Easter Eggs

1 chocolate vomit

8 Panadol

1 viewing of Rio

0 Ear Infections (yay)

1 Disastrous Easter Stay-cation Experience

254 dollars refunded for illegal iTunes purchases by Harry (love Apple)

1 trip to Bali booked for June so I do not lose my shit

1 Parking Fine

0 Speeding Fines

1 Family Fight

1 Family Funeral

0 Days Until School Goes Back!

I am going to go run up and down the street and sing in the rain.

How did you survive?