Parenting 101 – The Follow Through

Mr Woog and I are sometimes at logger heads when it comes to disciplining Woogettes. I quite often ban one from an activity as punishment, only for it to be overturned later By Mr Woog on appeal. And as a result of this, the Woogettes seem to get away with a lot more than they should. Good cop, Bad cop.
Except for yesterday.
We had planned to go and see the movie RIO with some friends which was a highly anticipated event. Not highly anticipated by me though, as I do believe the last time I actually went to the cinema to see a movie of my own choosing was pre-kids back in 2000 and the movie was Coyote Ugly.

We were busy getting ready when I went to check my email. I had 3 cheery invoices from iTunes totalling $233.98. After I read it, re-read it, closed my laptop, opened it up, logged back in and checked again, there it was.
$233.98 worth of aps purchased the night before.
I forwarded on the email to Mr Woog and waited to see if I could hear him yell from the CBD.
I called Harry and Jack into the office and questioned them both. Jack was immediately dismissed due to lack of evidence, and that left Harry. Caught red-handed, he fessed up to taking the iPhone to bed with him and having a great time once he had cracked the password.
Then the phone rang. It was a seething Mr Woog. This time Harry had taken it to far. He had hit Mr Woog where it hurt. The Visa Card. And there needed to be swift punishment and that was to be NO MOVIES TODAY.
As usual, Harry waited for one of us to cave in. But there was no caving in. Howling commenced which saw a further punishment of no tv for the day. He then knew that we were serious and smartly shut up.
Jack was sad about not going to see Rio, but as usual he was placated with the promise of a new packet of Wacky Bands. After all, it was not him who was guilty of cyber-theft.

Wacky Bandz are like a currency for 5 year olds. They are coloured elastic bands that you wear on your wrist and when you take them off they spring into shapes. The more you have the cooler you are. Jack is way cool.

I decided to take the kids on a tour of the mundane instead, so we knocked off all the annoying jobs. Picked up the shoes from the Shoe Repairer. Got a script filled. Replenished the fridge. Dropped off a library book. Picked up the dry-cleaning. Bought some guinea pig food and tried on some boots which I may have bought if I had a spare $233.98.

Later that afternoon, Harry asked me how long he was banned from the iPhone.


Some lessons learnt from yesterday include change your iTunes account password regularly. And the term Follow Through does not just apply to tennis strokes, golf swings and wet farts.