This morning I am guilty of Illegal Dumping. No, not the kind where you put your Ab-Pro 2000 and a dead VCR machine out in the back alley and pray to god someone wants them. Worse than that. The kind when you take your kids to school way way way too early and tell them to go and hang out in the dunny and wait for the first bell to ring. There are always other kids there, trying to stay out of sight of the teachers. It is a shameful act only done in desperation.

Why was I so desperate this morning?

I had my meet my Mum and Stepdad at the Hospital at 8.30am to visit with my Stepdad’s (slightly saucy) Hematologist to go through the results of his latest bone marrow biopsy. Stepdad has a pre-leukemia situation going on called myelodysplastic syndrome, which is a condition you have before getting full blown Leukemia, otherwise known as Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This nasty bastard cancer progresses rapidly and is fatal within months.

Stepdad is enjoying defying the odds. And he has every right to be just a teeny bit smug. Most people who were diagnosed with this condition at the same time as him have since died. And today’s bone marrow and blood results showed no change or sliding into AML.

Me and my (step) Dad.

As a family, we are not deluded. We know the inevitable will happen. And it a good lesson to all of us to live in the moment and enjoy life to the full. Because every day is amazing, especially every day that my beloved Stepdad has. I know I am coming over all Oprahish, but it is true.

And I am not being cocky, well maybe just a bit, when I say….