Sorting and Sharing my Shitty Shots

I am probably the world’s worst photographer (apart from Stevie Wonder). I am also a terrifying techno nerd and have not worked out how to get photos from my camera onto the computer so I tend to use my iPhone to take shots.

My world is a mundane haven with moments of ridiculousness. And here I will share a few random photos recently I rediscovered while flicking through the iPhone.

The Divine Ms M’s baby’s romper – Pure brilliance.

This total nut job school mum bought her cat on a lead to school pick up time. Bizarre and true.

The zucchini slice I made for Mr Woog as his present for our 9 year anniversary.

What I like to do. Eat dumplings.

A very rare and delicate blue fairy dress.

My friend Annie’s baby bump. I swore to her I had a gift when guessing a baby’s gender and I told her she was having a boy. She was convinced therefore quite surprised when she gave birth to Baby Sophia 2 days ago. Also surprised were the staff of the hospital who had never heard the F bomb dropped with so much clarity during the birth.

Making Kristin from Wanderlust carry out my mundane tasks with me. Reading Groups.

Jack was very happy with the present I gave him from the Aussie Bloggers Conference.

Some eye raising fashions from a fancy Gold Coast Menswear store. All I could think of is that this is where taxi drivers come to shop.

Woogettes and cousins in Queensland feeding fish of a wharf. We told them that this was Sea World and to make the most of it.

But we did end up taking them to Sea World and here is a shot of a restaurant there that had a lunchtime Fish and Chips special. It was disturbing and ironic. And a crappy ass shot.

Have you had enough? No?

Here is a range of hair care products that I was supposed to review but forgot to.

Here is the last photo I ever took of Wilson. Makes me cry still.

Here is Nikki from Styling You drinking champers. She is a treasured possum.

Here is my eyebrow after an exceptional wax job at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington.

My sister’s car after she totalled it.

And finally, here is a photo of Mr Woog taken just seconds after I swore to him that I would never put a photo of him on my blog.

Any Questions?