Dealing with Morons – The Finale

I decided that in the scheme of things, I was turning this into a much bigger deal than it actually was. It was a pity party for one. I mean, no one gave a shit that I was carless had had to deal with the world’s biggest moron at the spare parts shop. And no one really cared that it was a most stupid act of Mr Woog that saw me inconvenienced while he whizzed to work on his Vespa.

I was talking about finding a replacement cap for the Mazda’s Oil tank. Bigger feats had been achieved in less time. And with less tears and swearing.

I thought rationally. And then turned to Twitter.

I spammed my followers with my plea; FIND ME AN OIL CAP FOR A 2001 MAZDA TRIBUTE PLEASE!! It is totally something I cannot stand doing but when you have your back up against the wall and there is nothing else that can be done, you have to use the power that you have. And my power was 1500+ followers on Twitter.

Within moments @MazdaAus cottoned on and had tweeted and direct messaged me with the number to speak to a smart, efficient Mazda Driving Suit Wearing gentleman who was able to assist me right into a new oil cap for a 2001 Mazda Tribute which will be plugging my hole by the end of the week. (In your face Lurch – my next twitter campaign is to have you fired!)

And to make up for all the trouble I have endured, Holden Australia tweeted me and gave me a Holden Captiva for the week so I do not have to do any incidental exercise. Love that car.

And thanks to all the folk on Twitter who did not look away when they saw one of their own in distress. Thank you from the bottom of my oil tank. xx