General Pants but no top

I like to think I am fairly broad minded, well at least more so that David Koch. I am tolerant of most things, apart from bigots. I love a good prank, unless it is on me. And I love shopping, while Mr Woog suggests I swap this habit for scrap booking. $
But when I walk smack bang into this huge ad at my local, I have to question my level of acceptance when it comes to advertising standards. Maybe I am more of a prude than I thought?

You may be mistaken that this is an ad unveiling a new concept in vagazzling, but it is in fact an enticement for you to pop into General Pants and whack on a pair of these super sexy jeans. And I do know about jeans shopping, and I rate it just below swimsuit shopping when it comes to fun. And I NEVER think, WOW! All of a sudden I am gagging for it……

And I had a lot of questions from the Woogettes as we all stood there including..

Harry – Where is her top?

Jack – Can we get a doughnut?

Me – Am I a prude?

Your thoughts please?