Individual Living Beings

Like many Australians, I watched with horror 4 Corners on Monday night and in a change of pace for this little blog, I felt I could not let this issue slide without comment.
The export of live stock to Indonesia is a practice that is worth $300 million dollars to our economy. Indonesia does not have any laws or rules about humane treatment of animals, and the slaughter of these beasts is barbaric, with torture and extreme cruelty commonplace.

It is uncomfortable to watch and uncomfortable to write about. But I cannot think of one argument to support the export of live stock overseas under these circumstances. And I really have thought about it.

I cannot stop thinking about it.

Charters Towers Mayor Ben Callcottis a little tougher than me though.

“As long as we keep things correct on our shore, that’s all that bothers us really, that’s all that our jurisdiction covers. We really cannot govern what other countries do with anything. We have got to keep that live export trade at all cost and I think Australia should butt out and stop demanding what other countries do. We sell the beast at the point of sale, the beast has gone and what other people do with it is not our concern.”

Mr Callcottis, I do mean total disrespect. You sound like an asshole.

Ironically, my sister Mrs Ryan is the only vegetarian in Australia who runs a wholesale meat growing business. I called her after 4 Corners aired and she was deeply upset. I asked her how her cattle was slaughtered. Did she pat them to death? Like she did a kitten when she was small?

Mrs Ryan explained that Highland Farm sheep and cattle were isolated, kept very calm and stunned before quickly being slaughtered. Then she asked whether I was going to link to her site. I said I would think about it.

Since Monday, the Federal Government has banned export to the 11 Indonesian Abattoirs investigated by 4 Corners as a direct result of viewing the footage. And can you blame them?

It will take you one minute to click here and send an email to Julia, urging her to further investigate the treatment of all live animal exports. I would be super grateful if you did. x