Mrs Woog’s Dream Job

Whenever anyone asks me “What is your dream job?” I answer without hesitation.
Tina Turner’s Backup Singer.
I would love to be Tina Turner’s back up singer. I love karaoke and kitchen concerts and despite not being able to sing for shit, in my dreams when I am actually singing backup for Tina Turner, I sound amazing. Like an angel.

But that dream has now changed slightly.

I now want to be Jennifer Hudson’s backup singer.
Last Wednesday night, I was invited to the MIXFM Up Close and Personal with Jennifer Hudson showcase. It was a private concert for celebrities, music industry folk, publicists, PR Gurus and one sole mummy blogger. And that mummy blogger was me. I said yes as it started at 6pm and would get me out of the dinner/bathing/ bedtime battle here at WoogsWorld, and there was an open bar.

The invitation included a plus one, so I took along my older sister Mrs Ryan to ensure that I was not the most badly behaved person in the room. She was so excited to be going to “the Jennifer Lopez VIP night” We met with UberPublicist, blogger and friend StMurphy and headed over to Blue at Woolloomooloo, where we partook, with some enthusiasm, in alcoholic beverages.

The room was packed with Aussie singers, and I spied one of my favourites Paulini. We discussed all manner of things, including the chances of me singing backup for her at some point. (0%) Here is me snuggling inappropriately into Paulini Bosom.

Now I have to say, to be a celebrity in Australia, it is a requirement to be very very tall,(bar Kylie and Grant Denyer) And very striking. And if you are a short ass dumpy mummy blogger, you stand out in the crown a bit, for all the wrong reasons.

Mrs Ryan, StMurphy and myself were front and centre when Ms Hudson hit the stage and from then on, I cannot really remember my surroundings. Let’s just say, J-Hud’s voice was somewhat better than my own. I mean she could sing. Not in-my-dreams sing, but belt out a number, poop your pants, hair standing up on your neck sing. StMurphy was in tears throughout the performance and I sang note for note “And I am telling you, I’m not going.” And after her set, we were all Jennifer Hudson Die Hards. Beyonce who?

Then we went back to StMurphy’s man pit and ate a pizza. And Mrs Ryan yawned into the great white telephone, if you catch my drift. This weekend I will be reliving my night listening to her new album I Remember Me and practicing my back up vocals.

What is your dream job?