Grazia Magazine

Hi Y’all,

Great day yesterday. Finished my Woogsworld teleconference and got lots of ideas on how to offend, berate and horrify the general public.

Then I got back to my Grazia magazine, which managed to shock, horrify and offended me.

Now, I love this mag and my beautiful friend Ellen is an editor there. It is like opening a box of chocolates and it is the damn prettiest mag around. So you will know I am not being a bitch when I say the following – there is no place for socks with heels.

I tried this look circa 1986 at the Lithgow High School social. I had a white tiered skirt fashioned (or maybe crime-of-fashioned) with a white cropped top. Of course I wore white heels with white socks. Matchy, matchy anyone?

This look only works if you are four and wearing Mary Janes, especially patent leather red ones. In this case, they should be to the knee and trimmed at the top with lace. Miss Charisma is rocking this look and loves it but she is four.

Besides I think they could be dangerous with heels. You know, the slip factor? Don’t run to the stock exchange ala Carrie Bradshaw in these bastards. Now I sound all Nanna. However, you need to ask yourself – would Pippa Middleton wear these?

I don’t even have to answer that one.

Over and out.

SawHole (up since 4am and cranky. Also hungry)

PS Grazia rocks, even if the breastfeeder of the year is on the cover. Please help me out on why she is starting to shit me to tears?