Thermomix Demonstration

Hi Mrs Woog,
Am having a thermomix demo at my house thought it would be fun to blog on???
Are you interested ?
Next Mon at my house 12noon sharp (so says demo lady)
Let me know

Hi B,
Sounds hideous.
I will see you there

In my neck of the woods, the Thermomix is the new Bugaboo. You simply must have one or your whole family will rot in hell and it will all be your fault because you did not feed them whole foods. Same if you do not have the latest colours in Tupperware or the new knee length boots from Country Road. You are a total loser dude.

Thermomix will amaze you with its ability to chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh food. No wonder it has earned the title – the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen! And if you do not have one, how will you ever swap recipe ideas at the bus stop with the other mums? And they will sneer at you standing there with your store bought bread. Loser.
I went along and gave myself an hour. I mean I cannot stand anything more longer than an hour. It is my general intrinsic clock that keeps me moving.
Our host gave us a champers and our demonstrator lady turned out to be a school mum. And this school mum LOVES her Thermomix. She takes it away on holidays with her. It took me just seconds in this room of women for me to realise that I was the only one who was not making home made bread. Or ice-cream. Or Jam. Fuck.
What do I do all day?
And I did not know that you could use the Thermomix to convert raw sugar to icing sugar, or that store bought icing sugar had actually been bleached and could kill you!
So I sat through a bit of the presentation. The enthusiasm was infectious I could not help but get a bit excited about it! I mean, this machine does everything. And even cleans itself. I am a marketers dream and am so often lead down the consumer path skipping merrily with my VISA card waving in the air. I am going to buy a Thermomix goddam it!
But something was nagging me a bit.
In my kitchen I have a grater, a chopping board and a few pots. Our demonstrator explained that this machine will replace our bread makers, ice cream makers, rice cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, scales, mix masters and steamers. Which is great, but I had none of that stuff to begin with.
But I can totally TOTALLY see why this is a necessity for a cooking, foodie loving lass. If I could cook I would use it for sure.
And to our sister’s over the bridge, The Eastern Suburbs Mummy Mafia, listen up ladies. You will not FIND a better appliance to chop down your coke. Plus you can make brownies and risotto!
In conclusion, I think I will think about maybe considering purchasing a Thermomix. But as Mr Woog has said, would I prefer a Thermomix or put the 2 grand towards a trip to  Italy?
And for me, travel trumps tagliatelle every time.

Do you have a Thermomix?

  • I kinda want one now. x

  •  Holy fuck they have a forum –

    • JB

      Best damn thing out there, takeaway tastes like crap and kills you, most takeaway meals for four people would be no less than $30 which means you could buy two months worth of dinner for the price of a Thermomix which I use to make quick, cheap healthy meals, biscuits, cakes, sorbets I can even grind my own flour in seconds. The point is you don’t have to be a stay at home mum cooking all day to do this shit with a Thermy, it takes seconds and (costs a bomb- two months worth of crappy killing you takeaway dinners!) Also mine cost $900 as it was bought from Spain on ebay… which is only one months worth of substandard takeaway dinners….

  • Holy fuck – $1939. Take that holiday!

    Thank you for the introduction but I’m with you, what the hell do I do all day? Definitely not cooking or baking.

    •  ARE YOU SERIOUS? $1939 – it better do the shopping for me as well.

      I was tempted… but I could get a lot of takeaway for that price….

      • And it won’t even make you a coffee!

        • or pour you a cocktail

  • 2 weeks in Italy. Nuff said.

  •  Ha!! The demo people can get a bit freaky cult like on you and the champagne is mandatory to get through the presentation, but ahem. I have a thermomix – it will take the rest of my life to pay off but I got it and I do genuinely use it every single day, hasnt helped me cook any better and the  caramel slice I just burnt the bejeezus out of is testament to that, but hey there have been less kitchen fires since it came along!

  • brianandellie

    My cupboard of useless unused appliances is already full thanks 

  • Mrs BC

    As a cooking, foodie loving (former) NorthShore Hausfrau NO, I don’t have a Thermomix & I don’t want one – old school all the way for me. This is how we lose basic skillsets people. I mean how are future generations of Eastern Suburbs coke bunnys going to know how to cut it if the current generation cannot pass on on these skills?

    • Fleur

      It’s just a another way of cooking.  You can beat eggwhite by hand or in a Kitchenaid or in a Thermomix but totally agree it would be handy to cut coke. 

  • Kellie

     I do not own a Thermomix. But you’ve shamed me into buying one.
    What sort of mother doesnt make her own icing sugar? 

  • Norlin Mustapha

    OMFG! THAT expensive!? I’d rather the holiday thanks. I have heard of the wonders of the Thermomix, have wondered wth it really is…but then again, it just means I’d have to justify the purchase by cooking ALL-THE-TIME. Umm…no thanks. 

  • Madmother

    Hah – I was sucked into attending one of these in Queensland – and yet it sounds like exactly the same spiel as we were fed (Stepford wives anyone).
    Meh, better things to do in life than produce healthy, natural, no preservative food for my kids – their little bodies would go into shock!

    Hah, but most of my former eastern suburbs mad madam coherts would love one just to polish it to a glimmer for visitors to “ooh” over, and for the hausefrau to utilise as the employed help.

    I’d choose Italy too. 

  • Plainjanestyling

    i bought a kitchen aid.   the thermomix of 6years ago.  now i’d just take the holiday.

  •  I’ve never even heard of Thermomix before now. Can I come to Italy with you? I can speak Italian and will be your translator. Vorrei uno vino bianco, per favore! 

  • A Farmer’s Wife

    I have a KitchenAid.  Cheaper and does less.  It looks very pretty though and the Thermomix is not attractive at all. I’m shallow like that.

    Have eaten bleached icing sugar all my life. Quite healthy at present. Promise I will send you a message from the “other side” if I suddenly drop dead from bleach related causes.

    • @ChonnyM

      I found site where you can get decals for your Thermomix; trumped you on shallow! My Thermomix matches my kitchenaid – which I can’t sell coz it looks so good on my bench!

  • Bahahah… I love this. WHat are they all going to do with their Kitchen Aids now?

  • Have just had this conversation with @glowless:twitter on Twitter.  I am even more of a marketer’s dream than you Mrs Woog. I signed up for payment plan on one about 18 months ago. For two reasons:  a) so my teenagers could cook dinner – totally believe in outsourcing where possible;  and b) so I could have slushie cocktails on tap all summer long.  In winter, it’s risottos in 20 minutes without working my tuckshop arms that float my boat. 

    So, have I qualified for a North Shore mum position yet?  I do still draw the line at puffer vests.

    • I’m normally a marketer’s dream… but when I have to sell a kidney to afford it, and it only comes with a one year warranty they can get stuffed. However I’m happy for you all to put a little money together and buy me one 🙂

      • Fleur

        I’ts a 2 year warranty and the fault rate is .02%.  Your average white goods have a fault rate of 15%.  Ya good love tose Germans! 

    • And to think Nikki, you could have given the teenagers lifetime membership of Dominos for less. Did they charge interest? Thermomix that is, not Dominos 

      • My son actually works part-time at a Pizza place and we get a good discount – Friday night’s pizza night in our house.  And yes, Thermomix deal at time was 9 months interest free.

  •  Fuck, I don’t even have a food processor. 

  • Paul

    Amazingly we did get rid of the rice steamer, the vegie steamer, the food processor and the grater. We’d already gotten rid of the breadmaker because who the fuck ever does that? It is hands down the best appliance we have ever had and it gets used more than the toaster. However my mother bought it for us as a a Chrissy present so we were able to forgo the micro loan (which would have a third world mother producing income for a family of six).
    The thermomix is god! It actually saves you time — who would have thunk it.

    these remarks are made by myself and i am not sponsored in any way by thermomix. Though i wish i had shares in the company.

  • Sharon Baird

    The ‘self cleaning’ bit nearly gets me every time.
    The price tag, however,  brings me back to Earth with an almighty thud.
    It’s skills would be wasted on my serious lack of and it would be waaay too flash for my crapola kitchen.
    The old, worn out stuff of mine would never make such a snobby, slutty appliance welcome.
    But self cleaning…

  • BettyZade


  • HAHAHA. I’m going to forward this stellar review onto my inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne Mother’s Group. It’s deffs something they would buy. I laughed so hard at “The Eastern Suburbs Mummy Mafia, listen up ladies. You will not FIND a better appliance to chop down your coke.” Gold.

  • MadamBipolar

    I know what CHOICE would say about this – if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is.
    It is the new, red Kitchen Aide.

    • Mrs Woog

      I can tell you as it was touched on today at the presentation.
      CHOICE rated it an unheard of 4 out of 5 and were unable to compare it with other products,  are there are no other products quite like the Thermomix… chopchopchipchopchopc 

    • Uni

       The Thermomix is built to last; we would give it five stars except for its hefty price tag, although staggered payment options are available. It’s great for a busy family or a less experienced cook. It also saves time, as you can set the timer and be free to get on with other tasks, and allows for healthier cooking through its strong emphasis on using fresh ingredients

    • Jadenitej

      Actually CHOICE did review it in December – and gave it 4 stars…

  • Bex

    Fuck the Thermomix. I want to talk about your magical washing machine. From the daily beating it seems to get it can probably do all the things the Thermomix can & much more. I bet if you tried to get inside it & close the lid it would take you to Narnia. Get that one up ya Thermomix lady!

  • seraphimsp

     I went to a demo last year and when I came home and told my husband about it, he looked at me blankly and said: “We have a grater, processor, bread maker, rice cooker. Why the hell do we need one?” I tried to explain this meant we could replace them ALL with one item that cleans itself, and he told me the dishwasher cleans everything anyway. The conversation ended there unfortunately.

  •  I am a marketer’s dream; when I have money, I am very tempted to spend it. My parents don’t like this (I am still at the uni and I have $20,000 in debt yet…..) but they haven’t confiscated or cut up my card yet. Thankfully. I might have a heart attack at the ripe young age of 23 if they did. What kind of parents would that make them, causing such a horrible condition at such a young age? *sigh*
    You know those little displays at the front of the store where they put a bunch of little stuff that they want you to give in and buy at the last minute? I’m the reason they put them there…………. 

  •  PS I could probably still find a way to burn down a kitchen with a thermomix. I am not a cook. My dad was ready to pull out the extinguisher when I was cooking macaroni yesterday (and I’m not joking). Better to let someone else cook. I hope to find a chef husband. (haha, yea right). 

  •  Lady across the road was selling these for awhile. She told me I was her “target market” as I fled out the gate with 1 screaming child, 1 half dressed child, and 1 snotty nosed baby drooling down my front. I replied that if I had that amount of spare dosh I’d be hiring a ‘fecking nanny. 

  • Lynette

    Hmm. Thermomix and Kirby Cleaner I feel there is some kind of similarity.
    Feck, Go to Italy.  

  • Bel

    OMG I’m from Bowral, puffer vest heaven. I have never heard of a Thermomix. WTF we are so behind those North Shore mummies! Getting in the Range Rover to find one NOW (after I feed the horses of course)!

  • Two of my friends have these, and rave about them. I find they take the fun out of cooking. Why would I want a machine that does everything? I like chopping, grating and slicing. I enjoy sizzling and steaming. Throwing ingredients into a magic mixer and turning it on is boring. 

    Off to stroke my KitchenAid now.

  • Sarah MacFarlane

    I’ve never heard of a Thermomix.  I suspect we don’t even have them in the UK (well, not in the circles I mix in anyway).

     BUT, that’s just details, and I hate to feel I might be  ‘missing out so I’ve registered on the forum anyway!  Had to really when I read the terms and conditions:

     6.2. Do not write in capital letters (FOR EXAMPLE, LIKE THIS). This is considered the same as shouting, which is not a necessary manner in being heard in this forum.

    Hmmm, they don’t say anything about swearing not being necessary ………….

  •  Wait, icing sugar is bleached? Fuck. 

  •  I didn’t spend $2000 on my blender, rice cooker, grater, coffee grinder or anything else I use to cook combined.  I’m a tight ass all the way and it just so happens that appliances like me and don’t die.  I cook bread in the OVEN and use my HANDS to kneed it just like they did in the olden days.  I don’t even know what a Kitchen Aid is but I’m sure going to find out.  Can the thermomix make Pasta? Brew Coffee? Wash all my dishes? If not, I’m not interested.
    I can’t believe it’s a party planner’s item….. If some biatch from school invites me to a thermomix party I might just explode. I am sick of party planners.
    Go on your holiday and forget about the kitchen. 
    PS clearly I’m not a Northshore mum as I have no idea what that means but every time you say it, it reminds me of one of those US reality shows ‘Housewives of (insert super elite estate here)’

  • Oh *yawn* the old Thermomix, as Madmother pointed out that is sooo last year here in the sticks, on a mountain top, in Queensland. I just bet the good folk of Darwin were using them ten years ago. No no, we’ve all moved on to the Turbo Mach V Molecular Reconstruction Gastronomy Mini Tardis. Let me know when you want to swing by for a demo.

  •  I have told everyone I know never to invite me to any party at their house which involves “stuff”. It’s been a standing rule for at least a decade. I do not cook in my house. I throw the odd roast into the oven, or make the odd schnitzel or pasta. When it comes to cooking my husband is the “chef” he loves buying stuff so already an ice cream maker, rice cooker etc etc etc etc. I would much rather go to Italy. 

    • My husband loves the Thermomix – got excited when the demonstrator started talking about engine size or something …

  • My oh my, you really do get all the best invites in town Mrs Woog. I don’t think I could be bothered to read the manual to learn how to actually use it.  You can buy a lot of takeaway for $2k. x

  • Uni

     You guys have no idea.

  • I went to a Thermomix demonstration because I liked the idea of a free lunch and catching up with some girlfriends.  I had no intention of spending that much money on an appliance.  But by the time I left I knew I wanted one.  The craze swept through my group of friends in Melbourne and a lot of us got one.  I use mine daily and really love it.  They are good. But then I hadn’t already spent up on a kitchen aid.  And yes, I do take mine away with me for the summer holidays.

  •  I cannot think of anything worse. I already have appliances (all given to me, none bought) that do things that can be done perfectly without them. I don’t understand why people can’t just chop anymore. Or use their damn ovens. What is with the boycott on ovens? All those pizza makers and toaster ovens and the like… it can all be done in an oven.

    • Asenji

      Some people can’t chop because of arthritis and some can’t chop because of Parkinson’s or other conditions that render them incapable of using the regular kitchen tools.  I have a Thermomix and I have friends – one with cerebral palsy who could in no way cook for herself – who bought one because it is safer to use than a stove and she didn’t like microwaved food.  For people with tiny kitchens, where all those other appliances won’t fit, it is a Godsend.  These are not rich people, but they spent the money on this appliance to make their lives easier and their diets better. 

  • Tam

     I was like, omg that looks amazing. And figured (hopefully) you were slightly exaggerating the price. So I googled. 
    I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a minute.

  • I saw them on MAsterchef last year, and investigated as a result.

    And then declined on price.

    But I still want one. Badly.


  • Kisscakes

    yes, and i love it. i haven’t met anyone with a thermomix who doesn’t love it.

    have to say this has been a good read, and i believe to each, their own, although i do think it’s better to see it before judging, otherwise it sounds like sour grapes.

    don’t know about the bleached icing – i still buy it and  i also make it – depends on the circumstances.

    some consultants do BS a bit, but i’m happy with the consultant i have now because she tends to tell it as it is. as with all things, it’s unfair to lump everyone together.

  •  When it can peel potatos (or any vegie, for that matter), I will stop considering the $2000 price tag only a reflection of the hype people with too much spare cash will pay for (and I have a bugaboo, hahaha, it was cheaper and I can cart my groceries home in it, too!).

  • Holy Toledo!  For $1939 it better haul itself out and give my hubby a blowob when he gets off work.  And it should swallow. 

    • yeah hopefully it does the business everytime I’m too tired (why do men always want sex when I want to go to sleep? I am awake at other times of the day) 😛

  • I’ll take the Italy.  I can use a knife to chop. 

  •  Sheesus!  on the downlow, I spent $260 on a cab ride home from Brisbane a few weeks ago because I was too pissed (and too late) to get the train back.  Husband doesn’t know and didn’t, from what I can tell, realise.  If I spent $2000 on an appliance, I reckon my gig would most certainly be up.  Plus, a coffee machine will be the first thing I spend dosh on.  Can you have some kind of MLM party selling one of those?? x

  • Donna @ NappyDaze

    Well done Mrs Woog for staying strong in the face of pressure buying! Bring on the Italiano version of Woogsworld! 

  • Icing Sugar is bleached? Hello CSR why bother when now one can simply throw whole cochineal beetles into the Magi, I mean Thermomix bowl to make that nauseatingly pink icing so beloved of little girls with pigtails and snotty noses. No need to boil them up first any more. What, Masterfoods dont use real beetles any more, Pillar Box red is made from E124 Food Acid and preservative? Oh. Relief. Thats $1400 I can put towards replacing my puffer then.

  • I saw the thermomix advertised in the local rag, and I told The Aussie that I need, need, need one.  Then we both saw the price at the same instant, gasped, quietly turned the page, and have never mentioned the thermomix again. 

    Like you, I equate every purchase to plane tickets.  It is not cheap to fly my family of 4 back and forth to Cajun country once or twice a year.  So, alas, there will be no thermomix for me.  I also envy you your Toddlers & Tiaras as foxtel is also one of the things we pass on to afford the trips.  

    • A plane ticket or a holiday lasts what, two weeks? A Thermomix lasts a lifetime! A friend of mine in France has had one for 35 years and still uses it. I guess it’s like the Energizer bunny: it keeps going, and going, and going… 

      • A Thermomix………… Spending time with my family…………It might last 35 years, but the memories of watching my kids with their grandmother last a life time… brainer really

        • yeah it’s a trip to Australia for me rather than an appliance that might break because i drop it whilst moving house…

  • Fleur

    Very honest and entertaining review of the Thermomix.  I’ve had mine for 6 months and love it so much I have just started doing demos.  If you are in SE Qld and would like to see the Thermomix in action, give me a call 0433161523.  BTW demo doesn’t include how to cut coke but I’ll bet your dealer has a TM so ask him.

  • Caroline

    I have one, and love it.  Yes, they are expensive, but they do a lot and save me a lot of time.  Geez, some people spend $1K on a coffee maker, and all it does is make coffee! 

    • Maggie

      Can a Thermomix make coffee? If not, I am not interested. I have my priorities right. PS. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to spend on a Thermomix, coffee machine or organic ugg booties in pink.

  • Mscarolinejenkins

    So, are you actually getting a trip to Italy?  It’s a pointless comaprison if you end up with neither 😉

    • Mrs Woog

      I do not doubt for a second I will end up with neither! As far as pointless comparison,  this blog is built on them, as is my life xx 

  • North shore want’a’be. NOT

    Can someone tell me how to have a holiday in Italy that cheap?  Look like I can now call myself a North Shore Mum too.  I wonder if the other North shore mums are in there slippers reading this ‘bogans’ crap!

    • Mrs Woog

      their slippers. Not there slippers.
      And no they would not be in their slippers. We do not wear slippers. We wear organic ugg booties in pink x

    • Maggie

      No one is saying you can holiday in Italy for $2000. The blog said that the $2000 would be “put towards” the holiday. Sorry I am being pedantic.

  • Oh jesus, my mother dragged me along to a Thermomix demo a few months ago. I have never wanted to off myself so much in my LIFE.

  • Can it order a pizza?
    Not interested. 

  • I’d take the holiday. Whose kids like healthy, unbleached food anyway?

  • Meganskinflint

    I wonder how many of you Thermomix doubters buy bottled water?
    Now, there’s a marketer’s dream!

    • Mrs Woog

      Very good point! Xx

  • Jilly in Chile

    I love mine!  Use it every day and don’t regret buying it for a second.  It gives me more time to do stuff I’d rather do, and with 2 young kids, the one thing I don’t have enough of is time.  Bung a few of ingredients in, go take a shower or play with the kids, dinner’s ready.  Still found your post bloody funny though.

    • Mrs Woog

      Thanks Jilly, I would love to borrow one to see whether I would use it. X

      • Alison

        I have been advised to try a $300 bellini from Target first. If I use it a lot, sell it and buy a Thermomix. No it doesn’t do ALL the marvelous things that a thermomix does but it will be an indicator as to whether you would use a 2k all in one machine!

  • I can’t believe I missed this post until now. If given the chance, I’d grab a Thermomix because I’m basically lazy and like to appear trendy. But I often wonder how many Thermomixes sit quietly on benchtops untouched? No one would dare sell it for fear of looking like a toss.

    Like Nikki’s idea about slushy cocktails on hand….

  • These were all the rage here about two years ago. (See Melbourne is just SO far ahead!) Anyway, I looked them up with Mr Google, I watched the tutorial videos on YouTube.  But then I thought, well, there is nothing wrong with my scales, or with buying icing sugar, (even if you have to abandon your sleeping children for five minutes in the evening to get it because you ran out while making a birthday cake), and it’s kind of hard to involved your kids in cooking if the Thermomix does everything for you.

    Besides, for the price, I can fly us all to Queensland and back and enjoy some well earned sunshine…

  • I want one, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford the ingredients to make said yummy, chemical-free, unbleached good food. Unless Thermomix comes with that too?

  • Erin

    Yup I sure do and I love it. Everyone spends their money on different things and everyone has different passions. Most people would not bat an eyelid if someone spent a simliar amount on a bbq or a tv or even a coffee machine, and those things do one thing! It changed my life, don’t hate just because you roll differently!

  • Erin

    PS these have been around since the 1960s, they are not a fad and they are not new. I think because it is something for the kitchen people get shocked by how much it is, but it’s basically a mini kitchen, only it does everything better and faster. I don’t think anyone would expect their poor ipad or other useless expensive gadgets to go give their hubby a blow job, but poor thermie will have to go and do it lol ..

  • Erin

    @09d9ce33724731ccf9fe34d05ac5cc94:disqus I totally disagree,  most of the skills you can use with thermie are lost anyway, what mum these days has time to grind and mill for crying out loud? TMX brings this skills back in to the home, it allows a new generation to eat as their great grandmothers did whilst still doing the school run, working etc. Anyway enough posts from me otherwise I might end up look a bit obsessed or something *eye twitch* 😛
    I really am a bit though, but only because it really is so wonderful and I think the whole world should have one, lol.

  • Erin

    Ok, I have to add one more thing, most people who own these things are actually not well off at all, including me, but they just see it as a worthwhile investment in their families health and can see the long term benefits including saving much more money in the long run and being able to prepare dinner much more quickly, my fortnightly food bills have dropped hugely, yet we have more food in the house and it’s better quality.  I would also really love to know how you are all getting to Italy for holiday for under $2000, thanks lol x

  • Alice Gorman

    I spent the money and haven’t regretted it at all. It’s like the wife I’ll never be. And being able to cook insn’t a pre-requisite, that’s the whole point, you don’t have to be able to cook that’s what the TM is for! (No I’m not on commission)

  • Sascha

    If Julie Goodwin is an ambassador, I say YES.. Had a party last week at mine. I’m scared it’s like a cult. My friend who has one has ceased to discuss anything other than her ‘thermie’ and i’m scared i’ll get sucked in and then become a stepford wife and have more time to iron. All jokes aside, I think they are the new kitchenaid and I got one of those and have used it twice. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to purchase. You know when you like a dress and you think about it a lot before purchasing.. Well i’m not doing that just yet. Stay tuned..

    • there’s something about the term ‘thermie’ that sets my teeth on edge

  • Prue Berne

    All I hear about the Thermomix is that they are the best thing EVER purchased.. I’ve come to believe that this is because you have to continually justify spending $2k on a kitchen gadget.. If you convince enough friends to join your craze it will become normal.. I’m sure that no matter how much sorbet, milled flour or homemade bread I make (none of which I’ve ever thought of doing before?!) I just can’t justify it!

  • I have a couple of friends that have joined the cult that is Thermomix, when a cheaper knock off version came out for a fraction of the cost gosh they were quick to shoot it down. Personally, I can’t justify the cost.

    It’s been interesting watching the kerfuffle over the latest release and how badly the company handled this. More than a few people are peeved they forked out nearly $2k for what is now the old machine. I believe some of the cult have broken away and formed a FB group in protest.

  • Bel Brill

    Love it! Thanks for the laugh…. and how pray tell am I meant to teach my kids to cook me dinner if they just throw everything in the miracle machine and it does it for them? Then instead of setting up with your $80 kitchen set my Mum bought me when I moved out of home to Sydney I will need to invest in a $2K thermo…..I don’t think so!

  • I really wanted one. We have MEGA food allergies (no wheat egg dairy soy nuts shellfish) in this fam so I am professional oven slave. However, telling my husband I wanted a $2K kitchen appliance had him asking me to pee in a jar.

    I live in a tent now, as we are travelling full time, and what amazes me is the number of ppl who have them on the road in their vans.

    That said, if someone gave me one, I’d use the shit out of it.

  • Michele

    you can go on a holiday to Italy with a family of 4 for $2k? I call BS on that.

  • I have been to a demo and left wanting one after trying the jaffa yogo that was made so effortlessly… then I made it on the stove top later. I have heard the Bellini is a cheap alternative.

  • I have been to two demonstrations didn’t like the food, put me off. Hate seeing all the recipes as I think there must be something wrong with me for not wanting one

  • Chrissie

    Does it give good head too? Because I’d have to blow my husband every night of the 2 year warranty for him to agree to a $2K kitchen appliance! (And yes, I’ve seen one in action multiple times, and still think it’s over priced, over rated and too damn ugly to sit on my bench).

  • SawHole

    You are Satan!

  • Emily Furlong

    I do not and I will not. I am a food and cooking loving girl, here I am at 09:57am on a Sunday morning, planning my day around what I need to do to finish dinner prep for tonight that I started at approximately 4pm yesterday. It’s going to be EPIC. Anyway despite all of that, despite the clean up I’ve already done and the clean up that will be required after tonight….. I’m still not buying one. I love my food processor, my blender, my pressure cooker and my slow cooker. There is also not a chance in hell I’m replacing my beautiful collection of Bacarrat pans and roasters. Oh and for the record despite being the food obsessed woman I am. I do not bake my own bread, boil my own jam or mill my own icing sugar. So really no point in me wasting the money. I’ll put it on my upcoming trip to Mexico.

  • Well, the money we save on our food bills now we have the Thermomix pays for all the holidays. Plus, it’s worth it’s weight in fudge. Just saying.

  • Jo

    I do believe it’s a cult and I’d only have one if I won one. Having said that- I am tempted by all the amazing fudge recipes I see out there. But then I would gain more kilos so money towards a holiday it is 🙂

  • Serena

    I got mine 3 months ago & love it. I use it not because I need to justify how much I spent on it but because it saves me time which I struggle with as a working mum. Its not yet 12pm and & I have made hommus, a parmesan, roasted capsicum & cashew dip and have foccacia in the over baking. Yum!!

  • Lisa Lintern

    Would be the biggest waste of money for me…nothing wrong with a few chopped carrots and boiled pasta…well, in my household anyway.

  • Deb_BrightandPrecious

    I do not like cooking enough. In fact, I barely cook. Up til recently I didn’t cook for 4 years straight. If someone gave it with me (because that’s the only way I’d have one) it would sadly rot on my benchtop. I’d prefer a trip to Italy too.

  • I have one, and I love it. I use it most days. Its saves so much time chopping, and is brilliant for getting veggies a fine consistency to smuggle goodness into my girls food. And I can actually whip up a cake or biscuits now – I’ve never been able to bake!

  • Karen Ryan Leschnik

    I have one & to me it is simply another option when it comes to cooking. I still use my stovetop, oven, slow cooker and microwave – it just depends what I am making. I have used my thermie to make mexican spice blend when I couldn’t be bothered going to the shops (I love a good spice rack). I make pull apart breads & still buy regular bread at the shops. I chop veg & mix up quiche ingredients in it. I make choc chip cookie dough & banana bread & some other bits & pieces. Laundry powder, smoothies, sorbet, slushies. Funnily enough, it has actually given me more confidence in experimenting with spices and I end up cooking more on the stovetop. But I find it’s a handy appliance. I don’t buy into the “us vs them” when it comes to a thermomix. Each to their own I say!

  • I live in Germany with a teeny tiny kitchen and no oven (for now). The thing is, I actually really enjoy cooking, standing over a pot of jam watching the alchemy when fruit, sugar and lemon become something wonderful and gooey. Watching cakes rise in the oven. Kneading bread (although I hate cleaning up the rolling pin and board). Frying garlic and onions. I just wouldn’t get the same joy from a thermomix. But this is me, I LIKE cooking. I can see they are great for others, I would just prefer to spend the money on exotic ingredients and cocktails. Nothing like a good cocktail….

  • I love cooking, but I find that the good old thermomix takes a lot of the joy out of it all – plus, it seems a little dangerous – if you’ve seen the recent news stories. And even though I love cooking I actually don’t own a bread maker,or an ice cream maker, or a rice cookers, or a pressure cooker, or a slow cookers, or scales, or a mix master, or a steamer. I do it all the way my Nana did it.

  • Brock

    We have one. At first i thought holy shit why did i just spend 2k on an over glorified egg beater….then i started using it and well i no longer have the stick wizz thing or the juicer, we are by far no where near phsyco thermie owner level, but after 4 years and many awesome meals still trying to work out how to set myself on fire and have any part of my body be affected by this peice of kitchen hardware ?

  • I have to say I didn’t have any of those other items in my kitchen either. But now I have a thermomix. Never thought I’d ever say that!

  • Jerryb

    The kitchen aid cook processor is better and doesnt come with 2nd degree burns or boiled meat.

  • ilovemythermie

    I love cooking and I have a Thermomix. It just makes life easier sometimes.
    I am sick of everyone knocking them and they haven’t even tried them….