Mr Woog and the Vasectomy

Dear Mr Woog,
Now that we have got all of that Mother’s Day palava out of the way, it is time to discuss an issue that you have successfully ducked and weaved for 5 years.
You talk of the pain involved and that seems to be the one and only deterrent that is stopping you. Pain? Think about this…..
  • Pain is going through 24 hours of labour and then having a baby cut out of your tummy.
  • Pain is doing that again 2 years later.
  • Pain is laughing or coughing with a cesarean scar
  • Pain is mastitis in both boobs
  • Pain is cracked nipples
  • Pain is no sleep for a few days on end
  • Pain is pouring hot was onto your nether regions and then ripping hair out from it’s root.
  • Pain is a P & C meeting.

I know all about pain Mr Woog. So if you think that taking half a day off work for a pissy bit of day surgery then sitting on the couch later that night with a beer and a bag of frozen peas on your nuts, Think again.

No Nookie for You!

Your wife,

Mrs Woog