Back Fat, Gunts and other Wobbly Bits

Last night as I was about to fall asleep, I set my alarm clock for some ungodly time as I was going a breakfast way over the other side of the city. I thought I set it. But I actually ended up setting the stop watch which meant that I woke up an hour late to find out I had been asleep for exactly 7 hours 35 minutes and 11 seconds.

I will not describe the 30 minutes that ensued, sufficed to say it was a blur of school uniforms being thrown on kids, lunches being made is a less than perfect fashion and a bit of haphazard make up shoved on. Did I mention this was a FARSHION DARLING breakfast? I did not even have time to pull out my entire wardrobe and weep, like I usually do.

I chucked the kids off at Mrs Finalysons and arrived (just) on time to the event. And I can honestly say that will be the last “breakfast” I go to unless it is held in my own kitchen. The Stress! Sheesh.

The event being held was to showcase the label SARA’s new lines coming out in Spring. I sat there with FARSHION DARLING editors who were all young and looked skinny and hungry, I was not young. (or skinny) I was in HEAVEN!

I mean food, clothes AND a supermodel!

Ljubenka Milunovic is one of the worlds best known Plus Sized Supermodels. She lives in New York full time and is the Face of Sara. I have been a long time fan of this label, as it provides clothes for girls who like pudding that are not super skanky nightclub attire or geriatrically influenced polyester, which is where most plus sized fashion labels camp out.
She was just simply the most beautiful looking person. And so nice as well. We ate muffins together while the fash pack looked on and she even got poppy seeds in her teeth. I liked her a lot. And I was thinking, She can look that way because she has no kids. WRONG! 2 little kids. Well I bet she has a full time nanny. WRONG! Well I bet she does not have a blog. WRONG!
I bet she does not have to go the the semi finals of the School Skipping Display Exhibition this afternoon……… CORRECT!
Her hair was like softly spun gold and it took all my effort not to pull the pastry out of my mouth and stick my face into it. But I did not want her to think me strange.

She showed us some key pieces coming out in August and I was very happy. We discussed a bra that minimises back fat as well as hiding gunts and wobbly bits. Not that she had any. I pulled out a dress and told her I liked it and she said “I have that!” so in my book that makes us almost like sisters. Can you see the resemblance?

Are you satisfied with the Plus Size Clothing Ranges on offer?

And do you think Ljubenka would mind if I crashed on her couch if I ever get to New York? I will bring my own towel…