House Of Woog – A Guest Post

I had supreme Style Blogger Nikki Parkinson to stay for a few days while we attended some functions last week, one of which was a Stoli Party to celebrate vodka. Like you do. So today my stylish friend is guest posting for me, which is great as I have to go to school and watch the Jump Rope For Heart Display Charity Skip Off.

And if you are one of the few not reading Styling You, oh for shame!

Mrs Woog : “Seriously, are we like the oldest people here by 20 years?”
Nikki : “Shut up and smile!”

10 things I’ve learned in the House of Woog

I am no longer allowed to stay in a hotel when traveling to Sydney for work/play. Mrs Woog insists on turning her Lady Room into the Blogger Suite. Who am I to refuse such a money-can’t-buy experience?

Each stay offers up an insight into the World of Woog and I return home all the wiser. As I sat in boarding lounge of a school holiday flight back to Queensland, I thought I’d share my new-found wisdom with you:

Restaurants in Sydney are open past 8pm. This is very handy if you’ve been at a Gen Y party where they served bite sized nothings with copious amounts of liquor.

All siblings niggle each other. It’s quite comforting to realise this is not behaviour limited to your own offspring.

Adults can train themselves to become very inventive when it comes to ignoring said niggling.

Those ways may include wine.

A Friday afternoon excursion to the bottle shop is not just typical to Queensland families. Chips are a compulsory purchase … along with three bottles of sauv blanc … and a bottle of red for Mr Woog so he is immune to 24/7 blogging talk.

It’s possible to walk outside the door and be eating Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Thai … in 10 minutes without needing to designate a driver, thus preventing any niggling between adults.

“Romance” is actually code for sex nagging. Who knew?

Every family home needs a Lady Room*and Manland*. Thus nature balances itself.

When going out for a night of karaoke, mojitos and good company, you leave when you’re having a good time and never, ever change venues. Even if that means arriving home at 9.30pm and Tweeting over cups of tea, Tim Tams and 21 Jump Street till the first person falls asleep on the couch.

Weekend afternoon siestas are not optional and come complete with self-satisfying drooling and baby snores.

*Please refer to previous blog posts for step-by-step details on how to recreate these marriage-saving spaces into your own house.