Marriage Saving Tips for Mr Woog. A Refresher Course.

  • Doing the laundry is not just putting clothes in the machine, turning it on and then leaving it for two days festing away. That is not called “doing the laundry”. That is called “creating more work”.
  • When you say “I am helping” when it comes to child related tasks, you are not “Helping” you are “doing”. They are your kids as well…. remember?
  • When you get sent up to Franklins to buy milk and come back with shaving cream, this too could also be categorised into the “creating more work”
  • Skidmarks in the toilet are not an interior decorating feature that I would like to encourage.
  • Finishing a sandwich is an even more satisfying experience when the plate is placed in the dishwasher. Try it and see!
  • And speaking of dishwashers, they can be emptied. AND PACKED!
  • I really do not think you need two dinners. Leave the kids alone while they are eating.
  • I fully support your support of our local florist and the frequency of flowers purchased for me. And I am willing to overlook the fact that the Florist is hot, friendly and has super perky boobs.
  • You did not get me coffee 2 mornings in a row last week. Do not make me shut up shop again for such selfish acts. You know what I am talking about Mr Woog.

Apart from that, of course you are perfect. Except for the ear hair thing that I note you still have not addressed. Snip Snip.