Parenting 101 – Embarrassing the Kids

This morning Mr Woog did not bring me in coffee.

This has got nothing to do with this blog post, but it is still irritating me. Bring me coffee! It was in our marriage vows remember?

I left home a little earlier as I needed to stop and get some coffee on the way to school. Thank you. For nothing. Mr Woog.

For some reason, Harry was tired and emo, like you get towards the end of the school term, as I am sure you could remember if you cast your mind back. He was saying to me that he did not want me to take his class for art lessons anymore because I was always embarrassing him.


It was only the one time I took art class with props…… And it was hilarious!

Me and my chicken Cletus

Do you want to know why Harry HATES me helping in the classroom? You are not going to believe it….

It is my overuse of the word DARLING.

I apparently call everyone DARLING and he HATES IT. I do not remember doing it, but I have allegedly even said it to his Teacher Mr C. Which is THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.

I turned around in the car and said “Darling I do not do that all the time…” and he burst into tears. So I am going to put a rubber band around my wrist and each time I call anyone DARLING I am going to pull that band back as much as I can and snap myself as punishment. Like a mini self flagellation. Of all the things I could do to offend a 7 year old and mortify him to tears, it is the word…… DARLING.

I am worse than parents who do not immunise their children.