BlogHer, Ribena & Mrs Woog

Super Blogger, Ford Ambassador and Red Head Guru Eden Riley and I have secured a full sponsorship to go to The Super Bowl of International Blogging Events BlogHer in San Diego in August. Shut the back gate. Way.

Remembering that I only just touched down from my sabbatical in Bali yesterday, Mr Woog asked this morning “When did I agree that this trip was a good idea?”

I told him it was either flagged to him during post coital murmurings or while he was in a drunken state. This is when all our arrangements that overly benefit me are made. Anyway, the deal is done. The contract is signed and Eden and I are going. Via Los Angeles for a few days so she can get a new tattoo and I can go and submit my test shots for PlayBoy.

Anyway Ribena, you need not fear. I mean look at us! Butter would not melt in our mouths…
Big thank you to Ribena and Ribena Dude Chris for putting all your faith in us. We will be models of moral and exquisite behaviour. Hmmmmm.

What kind of posts do you want to read from Blog Her?

Shits and giggles or serious stuff….