The Shit List – Winter Edition

There are a few things getting up my grill at the moment. And with the last day of the school term upon me and 2 weeks of wonderful togetherness time around the corner, I give you my Winter Shit List.

Shane Warne

Now Shane, I like you. I like a larrikin and you certainly are one. But I do not appreciate being lied to. Your new face is NOT a result of using Estee Lauder Products. It simply is not. So fess up to your surgery and get on with porking she who wears the white pants.

Myer has announced that they are going to be putting Botox Treatment centres in selected stores. Not only does this irritate the crap out of me because it is “normalising” botox, but I fear it is going to impact on the already appalling customer service that you experience when you shop there. My local Myer is rough. Rough as guts. And you spend at least 20 minutes wandering around trying to find someone to serve you and when you do find someone, well it is not a pleasant interaction.. Myer, get back to your core business please, and staff your stores with people who are not direct descendants from morons.

Germaine Greer

Oh great fuckwitted one, what have you done now? You have made Dads feel dirty by questioning their relationships with their daughters during a discussion on the sexualisation of girls on a UK television program.

“Little girls are taught to flirt with their fathers, kiss daddy goodnight. “

What the fuck……..

And my cat Chuy……..

I cannot even look at you right now……..

Also on my shit list is my total shit house landlord. You are a cheap assed bastard and I am so hating on you right now. Whoever you are.

Got anyone you wish to add?