Vicks Road to Relief Program

Winter is not my favourite season because someone in our family is prone to middle ear infections which means many trips to the doctor and these holidays coming up, an extra special day surgery and another cheque to the Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon so he can take his kids skiing to New Zealand.
But I will not bitch about it, as pneumonia claims nearly two million children under the age of five each year – more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.
I am beyond happy to be supporting the Vicks Road to Relief Program this year. It is a simple, no brainer idea that you should know about. When your kids get the lurge and you buy Vicks Vaporub so you can both get some sleep at night, you are immunising one child in a developing country. And it is not just Vaporub. It covers a whole range of Vicks Products that are marked with this symbol.

Even easier and something you could do right now is CLICK HERE and LIKE The Vicks Road To Relief Facebook Page and another immunisation will be provided for a child. And I would so love it if you did. It would make my heart sing and my liver smile. Go on…….. I will wait………

Find out what your immunisation will do. Click here.

Good on you Chookas. Sending mega good vibes your way.

And may you be snot free this Winter. XX