Current Mundane Vocation can Lead to Unsensible Budgetary Decisions.

I try to be a good housewife.  I really do.  It is my current mundane vocation.  I cannot bake for shit,  I do not own an iron and sometimes we have “Breakfast for Dinner”,  which is a nice way of saying toast.

But despite my slovenly approach to “home duties” sometimes I am even shocked at the filth that develops around me.  Please note exhibit A,   found under Harry’s Bed.

Harry’s lunch from a school excursion he went on. 5 weeks ago.  Let’s take a closer look.  Pretty colours hey.

The small was enough to make the cat leave the room. 

Mr Woog is a total neat freak and was appalled.  He told Harry to take the whole thing out and chuck it in the silo bin.

“You cannot chuck it out!” I said.  “It cost $30……”

Mr Woog turned to me and asked how many of these lunchboxes we had.  I replied 4.  He asked me whether I had really spent $120 on lunchboxes. I said it would appear so.  He went down to the garage.  He has not come out, but I can hear the thwack thwack of the punching bag from my study.

Damn you Tupperware,  you lusty tempting Goddess of Plastic.