Harry’s Holidayz

So today is the last day of school holidays here at Woogsworld. Excuse me while I just have a little internal party. It has been a very long couple of weeks,  filled with tears, tantrums, terror and triumphs.

And that has just been me.

Harry spent some time at Tennis Camp.  Harry loves his tennis camp.  On the first day of tennis camp,  he observed his class and buddied up to the best player,  a 7 year old named Alex.  Alex was like a mini Nadal and Harry knew that buying him ring pops and laughing at his jokes would pay off.  He is all sorts of rat-cunning that boy.  And all his hard friendship brown nosing paid off when he and Alex won the Doubles Final.  Harry was hardly in on any of the rallies in the final.  But he does not care. Because he won the medal.

Yeah you did!
We spent some time up in the Blue Mountains,  chilling out (read freezing) and exploring the surrounds.  We had a great time. Did all the touristy things, ate too many pies and played too many games of Connect Four. We got caught up in aggressive crowds of Chinese Tourists.  In particular,  when we were lining up to go on the scenic railway. 
Two brothers with The Three Sisters
In the second week,  Harry went to two days of Hip Hop Holidayz,  a dance camp designed to prepare kids if ever they are required to dance in rap music videos.  Harry is a fussy dresser.  He has a large collection of fedora hats which stem from a few years ago,  when he was a flower boy at The Divine Ms M’s wedding.
I know,  have you ever seen such cuteness?
Harry,  complete with a tan and red fedora,  went off to Hip Hop Holidayz Camp.  I signed him in and after I left,  Harry told the teachers he was in year 4 (he is in year 2) so he was put in with the big kids.  Including one bully,  who immediately started giving Harry shit about his hat.
So later I was called in to a meeting with the hip hop teacher……….
Said with a strong Lebanese accent “Ok, so my Dad always told me to lay one on anyone who picked on me.  I get that. Really.  But we cannot have that type of stuff going down at Hip Hop Holidayz.”
Transpires that Harry had had enough of the big bully giving him shit about his hat and clobbered him. Well like a 7 year old CAN clobber an 11 year old. Which I am guessing is not much.  My little juvie.
I offered to withdraw Harry from any more Krumping Instruction but I was assured that all was fine. Now.
And the next day,  as I watched Harry on the stage performing in the group dance number,  I truly wondered whether I had wasted my money and had tarnished the Woog name for nothing.  He was at least half the size of the rest of them and while they went through the routine,  Harry stood at the back moving around like he was being tasered by an invisible policeman.
Next holidayz,  we are going to stick with tennis.