Ribena Winners PLUS our new Sponsor!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Ribena Slushie Limerick Giveaway.  The limericks ranged from woeful to wonderful,  but after intense deliberations,  here are the winning entries.

Glowless Wrote;
There was a woman from Ipanema,

Who was totally hot, shoulda seen ‘er,
Turns out ’twas a flush,
She needs some ice slush,
With just a little splash o’ Ribena
Shelly Stocken wrote two,  and they were BOTH brilliant;
One day on the Ettalong ferry,

I had shots with a Ribena berry.
When we got to Palm Beach
We’d had eight Stolis each
And our slurring was exshhtraordinary.

There once was a lady called Tina,

Who loved to take baths in Ribena;
Her skin turned to puce
From the blackcurrant juice;
But the flavour improved her demeanour.

Please email me your delivery address and you will be slushying before you know it.

Thanks to my Blogher Sponsor Ribena. I just love you,  in a way a woman can love a syrup.

Me and Fenyella feeling up the Ribena Berry Wagon.  It is taking us to the airport next Monday…..
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