Saturdays with Sawhole. The Harvey Norman Edition.

I got an email overnight from some lady in America saying my blog is a bit negative.
I realise it might be true this week.  But in my defence,  the kids are on school holidays,  I got a year older,  Mr Woog bought me a puffer jacket and Jack had a general anaesthetic.  But I always take criticism well,  so look out next week for some inspirational quotes accompanied by quaint pictures,  I will be showing you my scrummy recipe for organic gingerbread men and ladies as well my secret for keeping my Tupperware drawer in order. I may review a child’s toy but I am 38 now so not sure how that will work.
But in the meantime,  I am letting SawHole off the leash,  and she is heading straight for Harvey Norman.

I am a woman of a certain age who finds two things too loud – the music in Dotti and those fucking Harvey Norman ads.

“Save! Save! Save get a flatscreen on 15 year’s interest free.” “Save!Save! Save! at Harvey Norman”

The ads are on radio and television and the print ads even find a way into my newspapers (being a woman of a certain age, I read my newspapers in print). If those fuckers find a way onto Twitter I am going to create my own one-person backlash because enough is enough.

I don’t need their shit. I have enough shit. STOP YELLING AT ME!

Although I must laugh at the idea of Harvey Norman ever having a social media campaign because before this year they were not even selling online. In fact, the company was engaged in a campaign against overseas Internet retailers and wanted the government to tax overseas purchases over a certain amount. Guess what happened? The public gave Harvey Norman the finger and the company decided its best option was to sell online.What a lovely irony.

“Screwed! Screwed! Screwed, Harvey Norman!”

Now here’s their final sin and it is the worst in my opinion. You see, yelling I can live with being a foghorn myself but prejudice against mental illness, I can’t. Here was the wording of an ad over the June long weekend:

“Mania! Mania! Mania!” 

Yeah hilarious! Let’s encourage the mentally ill into the shop to binge on shit they can’t afford. Harvey Norman, you suck.

Over and out
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