A Sponsored Post

When you are a blogger,  you sometimes get offered to do something called a Sponsored Post.  This is when you write about something and get paid for it.  A bit like when our friend here used to talk about goods and services but then he got in trouble when he did not disclose he was getting paid for it….

I love Micheal Buble
Anyway,  in the interest of full disclosure and ultimate transparency,  this post has been sponsored by…..
except I got jack shit,  apart from the bloat and a new zit.
After the day from hell yesterday,  and faced with some pretty feral children I was pretty nearly ready to walk out the front door and catch a cab to the airport. Destination? Anywhere but here….
Then Mr Woog sent me over the edge and into a glass of Sav Blanc when he came and found me in the house and simply said…… “I washed up.”
So I am retorting here online,  simply saying
  • I woke up with a hangover and ignored it
  • I make the Harry’s breakfast
  • I made Harry’s lunch
  • I packed the dishwasher
  • I swept the floor
  • I took Harry to tennis camp
  • I took Jack to K-Mart and watched while he had a panic attack at the Barbie Display
  • I took Jack to the hospital
  • I waited at the hospital for 2 hours with a Hungry Jack as it was now 1pm and he had not eaten since the night before,  that being a dinner I cooked.
  • I took Jack into the theatre and held his hand as they put him under
  • I burst into tears
  • I waited in the waiting room
  • I called you and asked if you could collect Harry from tennis camp as we were running so late
  • You said it was a hard time to get away from the office.  You work for yourself. Remember?
  • I hung up on you
  • I lay with Jack an hour later as he came to and watched him eat 2 icy poles and 3 slices of toast
  • I picked Harry up from tennis camp,  slightly late
  • I came home, put a load of washing on,  unpacked the dishwasher and fed the animals.
  • I made the kids dinner.
  • I got a pot of soup out of the fridge to heat up for our dinner
  • You threw the soup in the bin.
  • My tension levels hit an all time high.
  • Kids fed, bathed and in bed.
  • You come and tell me I WASHED UP and stand there waiting for me to thank you…….
I hope you have enjoyed this post,  sponsored by PMS and Mr Woog’s insensitivity. 
Next week,  I actually have another sponsored post,  I am on a roll here.  Look out for Pulling Cones.  And a giveaway is involved.  Stoners,  bookmark me dude.
Who would be a good sponsor for your life right now?