What sort of self-respecting blogger would write about dishwasher tablets?

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you get sent free shit to try.  It makes up for the total crappy pay. It is an enticement for you to try the product and hopefully spread the good word.
I was once asked to review tampons.  I am not kidding. “Unwrapped nicely” “Felt cottony” “Good string length” seemed as far as I could take it without being totally gross.  So I passed.
Sometimes the stuff is gold,  sometimes it is rubbish.  And sometimes it is for Mr Woog.

The chances of him implementing this regime is slim to none.  But he should as this is for sensitive skin and he gets that gross shaving rash.  He NEVER moisturises unless I stand there making him. We shall see how he goes……
Me?  I am a moisturising slut!  I cannot get enough of it.  It is like I have OCD. I hate scaly legs dotted with stubble.  This way they are moisturised legs, dotted with stubble.  And my body lotion of choice this winter has hands down been this.
I am a fan because it is really rich and gives off no stinkies.  It is non-greasy and has done wonders for my rice bubble elbows.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  But if you cannot find it and cannot get it online (which you can, just click the link) then the next best thing could be Nivea Rich Nourishing with Almond Oil.  Get it at the supermarket.  I love buying beauty stuff at the supermarket as it them comes under the “Grocery Budget.” I was not sent a sample of this, it is just what I am fond of.

Ok,  so you are so going to roll your eyes now.  And I am ok with that.  Roll away.  If I was about to read this,  I would totally be rolling my eyes. Like I was having a seizure.
Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets
I hate unpacking the dishwasher with a passion.  It is the worst chore ever.  And so when I pull out stuff that is still filthy,  I get the shits.  Since using these dishwasher tabs,  that has not happened once. It is a liquid and powder tablet that you just chuck in the bottom of your dishwasher.  And it is endorsed by Tupperware as it stops those yukky stains you get from leaving lasagna in plastic for too long.  Stop rolling your eyes. I love them and I am not afraid to tell you.
The Little White T-Shirt Company
I got a huge package from Lynette from The Little White T-Shirt Company.  She had generously sent the Woogs a collection of her organic cotton and bamboo tops which are as soft as silk.  They are perfect for layering and are just so comfy.  J’adore!  A lot of thought have gone into the design and composition of this wardrobe staple and I give them a double thumbs up.  And so do the Woogettes!
Oh, and I received a bottle of this,  which I really do not need to say anything about. Also a staple.

A while ago I went with a group of bloggers to the Barney Martin Hair Salon for a bit of a zhush.
Come and get me Barney! If you are game. I promise I have no nits.
We were treated to a colour and a blow job,  all the while hearing about the benefits of the new Pantene Pro V Nature Fusion range.  Now I am guilty of neglecting my hair but I have used this for the past month.  It did not happen overnight,  but it did happen.  The only issue I have is that there is 4 steps (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave in treatment)  but I have persevered and I am stoked.  I am a convert.  And the fact that you can buy the whole lot at the supermarket for under $27 is just a bonus.
This popped up in the post just last week.  Well timed as I had just read the chapter of Zoe Foster’s book Amazing Face which told me you basically go to hell if you are over 30 and do not use a cream cleanser. AGGHHHHHHHHHHH!
So I will give a go and let you know how we get on.  But I LOVE Trilogy products.  In fact,  if I had to be stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things,  they would be SawHole, my purple merkin and a bottle of Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil.
So there you have it. Things I have been sent over the last month.  Things I have tried and have given the thumbs up to.  And if that makes me a Blog Whore,  call me Roxanne and tell me to put on the red light.