There once was a man from Ribena……. Giveaway!

In about a fortnight,  I will be kissing the Woogettes and Mr Woog goodbye.  I will be heading to the airport with my great mate Eden Riley and together we are going to fly the Australian Flag at the Famous Blogher Conference in San Diego.  This is like blogging on speed.  The US blogging scene is enormous.  We will have to have our wits about us.  And we have promised to be well behaved as we are being sponsored by Ribena.

But what they don’t know is that I had my fingers crossed behind my back………..

Anyway,  to begin our purple adventure,  Ribena has teamed up with Kambrook to create a prize you are going to want. 

Ever heard of a slushy?  They are the icy treat you buy at the servo.  My kids go apeshit for slushies and now we do not have to trek up to the Caltex when the urge presents itself. Because we have a machine at home that will make them.

I give you the Kambrook Little Chefs Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver! Ta Da!

It slushes ice and you cannot,  CANNOT, cut your fingers off.

Harry particularly goes apeshit for slushies.  I even let him make them himself……
Looking good H-man……
jam-packed with H2O goodness…..
Drizzle with a bit of Ribena and you are good to go.  This will give you at least ten minutes of peace.
And the best bit?  After 5pm,  the Kambrook Little Chefs Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver becomes one of my favourite kitchen appliances…..

Do you want in on the slushy action?  Because Ribena and Kambrook are giving away 2 prize packs that contain the following.  Please note that this is NOT my backyard….. There is a distinct lack of Guinea pig poo.
To win one of 2 Ribena Prize packs,  you need to be a bit creative.  To enter,  please comment with a limerick with the word RIBENA featured somewhere.  It is hard.  I cannot do it….. (poetry fail).
Chris the Ribena Dude will choose the 2 best limericks.  Competition closes Monday 25th July and the winners will be published here on WoogsWorld. Australian Residents Only.
With thanks to Ribena, Kambrook, Harry( and Stoli.)
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