Turns out there IS such a thing as a free lunch!

Saturday’s at WoogsWorld is normally Ballet and Swim Squad followed by a trip to Thomas Dux to load up on some yummies for the weekend.  Thomas Dux is a fancy food shop that sells 89 different types of olive oils and black truffles.  It has a long, large counter running along the side crammed with salads,  cold meats, cheeses, antipasto stuff and too many delectables to mention.  There is a huge fruit and veg section as well as an impressive bakery offering.  On a Saturday they sell fresh seafood.  The front of the store is bursting with fresh flowers for sale and the assistants are helpful, plump and smart. A triple treat and my favourite combination in a person. And they smile. 

Like they do in the Coles ads but when you actually shop at Coles the situation is quite different.

Thomas Dux is a good place to hang out for a bit on a Saturday morning. They have at least a dozen sampling stalls set up throughout the shop.  This morning we turned up to Thomas Dux after we had spent the morning kicking around at the netball courts with friends and bikes and dogs and balls and coffees. We were quite hungry. “Mum I’m Starving!” and the like.

When we go to Thomas Dux, I always make a bee line for the Maggie Beer fridge to procure a pot of her finest.  It lasts approximately 8 hours in our house,  slightly longer than a bottle of wine. Why Maggie Beer is not on the Australian Living Treasures list but Russell Crowe is is something I shall alert Get Up! to. It’s a bloody national disgrace.

Mr Woog goes straight to the sausage man and samples the same sausages that he eats every week from the same man and pretends it is the first time he has tried the Chicken and Macadamia sausages.

Harry hits up the bakery section and eats about 2 Yaels Lamingtons but in cube form. I will always have a try of these to see if the quality varied from week to week.

Jack meanwhile literally fills his pockets at the lolly sample bar.

We always split up when we visit Thomas Dux.  I am a savoury girl.  I was eating some brie cheese today which was bloody wonderful and I felt bad because the man on the stall was not doing a good trade.  So I said “I’ll take it!” and he was so happy.  Then I put the cheese in the trolley,  noticing the price which showed $23.99. The cheese was not THAT good!  I re-homed it back into the chilled dairy so no sales person’s feelings got hurt.

We all sort of met up accidentally at the Apple Pie tasting table before Mr Woog said he was thirsty from all the sausages he had eaten,  so he went to the juice bar for some tastings.  I spied some uneaten untested produce in the form of dipping chips with some lovely condiments and had my way with them.

Then I looked over to see Jack walking around the store eating a full croissant which was clearly part of the actual stock and not for sampling.

Harry was swigging on a Diet Coke.

We ended up calling our Thomas Dux raid lunch and paid for the croissant and the diet coke.

This is not a sponsored post by Thomas Dux.  But in a way, it kind of is as they have been providing The Woogs free lunches since October 2009.

So thank you Thomas Dux. Wherever there is a free sample on offer,  there will be a Woog.