What is the Secret to a Good Mother-In-Law Relationship?

18 months ago,  none of my family members knew what a blog was.  Now they are lining up to write on it.  Internet Whores I say!  We have had Mrs Woog’s Dad write one, two and three times,  My sister Mrs Ryan has posted here and now my brother Uncle Andrew wants in.  And he wants to talk about his Mother In Law.  Who lives in the UK and with any luck,  does not read this blog.

Welcome Uncle Andrew, you freak!

What is the secret to a good mother in-law relationship?

I can now appreciate that first impressions are priceless. You get only one chance at success, and I blew mine big time.

Our first meeting was on the phone to my future MIL, back just after Susan and I hooked up. It went something like this.(to make it fun let’s keep score – football style!).

Me: “Hi Mum! It’s Andrew here – Susan’s boyfriend.”

Crickets chirping somewhere, in the distance a dog barks. A spinifix tumbles by in the whistling wind..

Susan’s mum. “It is Mrs Mitchell to you!”….click. – (own goal mate.. 1-0)

You see, I always had the charm offensive with my mates mum’s, calling them Mum from the get go with a cheeky grin and an instant hug – it was GOLD! I couldn’t provide either of these via the old Telstra phone system. And no skype for me 7 years ago…….

To try and make up for it a few years later, I called her from the uber romantic Castaway Island Resort in Fiji to ask her for her daughter’s hand in marriage – again, no dice..

Me ” May I ask for your blessing to marry your daughter?” (Susan’s Dad had passed away)

Mrs Mitchell “She will have to live with that decision – not me”… COW! (Top corner, out of reach 2-0)

Fortunately Susan said yes despite her mum’s wishes – and Mrs Mitchell now had the son in law she never wanted. An Aussie bloke! (Harry Kewell world cup special – 2-1)

Other memories from the MIL Love-In Highlight Reel include:

1.The look she gave me as I cheered “up ya bums” at a toast during her eldest daughter’s wedding dinner in Germany, whilst later teaching the rare rock art of air guitar to the German youth to Akka dakka on the dance floor of the 15th Century Barn.  (messy goal box scramble – 3-1)

2. Ignoring me at our official pre wedding meeting-of-the-family dinner. –(penalty spot 4-1 MIL)

3. Sum total of her phone conversations with me. “Hello, is Susan there?” – (low header – 5-1 MIL)

4. Being called petulant and moody by her – to be fair – most of my family would agree (esp. Christmas times) (line ball – 6-1 , benefit of the doubt – to borrow from the NRL).

5. Attending her 60th Birthday last March in England and having no seat at the table. (beat the offside trap – 7-1 fulltime – MIL wins!).

Some of you can probably relate to some of the stories above.My solution to better relations is no home phone and a few oceans between us.

What is your MIL relationship highlight reel like?
What is your score?