Wired for Sound

One of the down sides of having a child with a disability is the endless hours spent in waiting rooms, waiting to see health specialists.  And this week,  Jack and I will be clocking up quite a few.

But this afternoon,  we are off to an appointment that we are both excited about.  We are getting an FM system fitted.  An FM system looks like this….

The idea is that the teacher/parent/tennis coach/ ballet instructor wears the loopy thing around their neck and put this mobile phone looking thingy in their pocket. (Please excuse my technical terms)  The mobile phone thingy is turned on and tuned into an FM channel which is compatible to Jack’s hearing aids. This  means that when the wearer speaks,  the sound is beamed straight into the hearing aids,  thus eliminating any background noise. Understand? Good…. because it took some time for me to get it. (I still think it looks like an electric IUD)

Tomorrow I have to show Jack’s teacher,  the Saintly Miss K,  how to use it. And also warn her that she must get into the habit of switching it on and off as required.  As you could imagine,  it is fraught with potential embarrassing situations.  Like if the Saintly Ms K goes to the loo and forgets to turn it off at lunch. Especially if she has had a lentil curry the night before.  Or she has a little bitch about one of the kids,  or one of their parents…although she is unlikely to do so,  as she is saintly.

Me?  I am seeing the extreme potential for self gain.  Like when I am in the office,  I can switch it on and say “Jack,  please bring Mummy a Diet Coke.” Or if I am cooking and the bins are full I can switch it on and say “Jack,  please report to the kitchen for a domestic chore.” or if I am really bored,  I can switch it on and say “Jack,  ask your dad if he has put on a little weight……..”

But most of all I am excited that he will be hearing 100% for 100% of the time.

FM. Not just for this idiot anymore