The Woog Family Ranting Style Files

This morning I was making the kids breakfast when Mr Woog arrived back from his 7am coffee run.  He sat down to eat his breakfast while we chatted.  He stopped what he was saying and looked me up and down.
And he says……… “Are you going to leave the house looking like that?”

I was wearing an old baby pink cashmere jumper of my dads with no bra,  a pair of grey tracksuit pants and my new ugg boots which I call feature uggies as they are truly yeti like.  I had morning face on with breath to match. My volcanic zit is on it’s way out but is still very much detectable. My hair had a Latino (or something like that) treatment on Friday which means you cannot wash it for 3 whole days,  so it was glistening like a Texas oil pump. My face was lined with the evidence of a very good sleep while smooshed up against the pillow. I looked AMAZING. But Mr Woog pissed me off.

So I told him,  Yes,  I HAD planned to leave the house like this.  I was going to drop the kids off at school then go straight into his office and sit in the Boardroom to chat to all his clients who come in today.

And to you Mr Woog,  people in glass houses should not throw stones.  You actually DO leave the house wearing these. A LOT! As evidenced by their fade and crotch hole…..

And you can imagine how DELIGHTED I was over the weekend when you teamed them with a singlet top and chucked this over it for warmth when my friends came over…..

Are you fucking kidding me?
So shuddup about my morning attire.  I am not like this………

Let’s lower our expectations a bit,  shall we? Somewhere along the lines of this………..

Any more comments like that and your puffer gets ebayed and your king-gees get shredded.
Is there a particular item that your beloved wears that causes great offence?