Would You, Could You with a Fork?

One of my funny little habits is that I sometimes buy Food Magazines at the checkout,  bring them home and flip through them.  Then I pull out any recipes that I like the look of and file it into this file that someone gave me for my birthday last year.  The obvious question is “What sort of friend would buy this for someone for their birthday?” and the other one is “What sort of OCD freak would use it?”

So I file away recipes then put the thing back into the cupboard for a few weeks,  when I take it out only to file in more recipes.

I know. I need help.

So this morning I was flicking through my newest food magazine,  tearing out and filing when I came across the add for Chop Chop Chicken in a Can.  And for some reason it still shocks me. Maximum unappetising effects.

So then,  with the kids back at school and the mundane calling,  I started to over think the chicken in the can thing and did a little detective work. 

I am pleased to present you with something a little grosser………

Ok,  now have a think…………. Can you guess?????
no… it is nothing sexual…………..
Give Up?
Which begs the question…… Would you, could you, with a fork?