Animal Day and other crap ideas……

Nothing brings on big event come down and sees me screaming and yelping back to earth than the following sentence. And I know this for a fact…

“It is Animal Day tomorrow. I have to come to school as an animal. Oh and Dad makes the worst sandwiches ever”

This statement was issued last night, about 4 hours after I collected the Woogettes early from school as a treat and about 3.55 hours after my jetlagged kicked in. I was all like “What the fuck is Animal Day?” and then remembered back to my days teaching kindergarten and how you would pretty much throw anything into the mix so spice your days up. Except I would have chosen something more fun like “Come as your favourite dead rock star..” or “ Dress up as your favourite Duggar child/slave.”

I looked around the house for inspiration. I quickly considered strapping a guinea pig to each side of Jack’s head and saying it was living art,  before I dismissed it due to their size.

I was totally devoid of any inspiration. And equipment. I was stressed as I had a reputation to uphold at that school as one of creative geniuses. And mums at that school talk….. oh do they talk……..

I was totally screwed. 

Then inspiration came to me in a flash. I went to my chest of drawers,  grabbed a pair of black stockings and cut a little hole in it fairly randomly. I called Jack over and carefully shoved his little head into the stocking and pulled it down. I made a snake. A black snake. See the little darting tongue? That kind of completes the effect hey? And he is already starting to shed his skin a bit….. around the eyes. Realistic.

Saintly Ms K, please forgive me for I know not what I do. You see I have been partying hard with American Mommy Bloggers and it will take some time to get my super parenting mojo back. But on the up side,  I checked him last night and he is nit free! Not that it would matter anyway, wearing this funky outfit…
Have you ever done something you are not particularly proud of?