Blogs are not just for bored housewives you know… Mr Woog

Last night I made dinner and I sat down with Mr Woog to eat. He asked me about my trip to Blogher and I told him,  “Didn’t you read about it? Everyday? I wrote what I got up to everyday. So you would know what I had been up to…”

He confessed, saying he had not read my blog for a few weeks.  He said he was far too busy to be reading blogs. In fact, before I had started my blog,  if you had asked him what one was,  he would have thought it was something to do with going to the toilet.

So I am setting a little trap today to see whether he is telling the truth. Mr Woog,  I found your secret cash stash, which is slowly and steadily becoming MY secret cash stash. See how long that sentence lasts hanging out there in cyber space before you notice.

Mr Woog,  you are NOT far too busy to be reading blogs.  And how do I know this?  Because you YOURSELF ended up on a blog post yesterday. I have it on VERY good authority. Too busy? My ass….

Thanks to my buddy Mr Scanlan for letting me know about Mr Woog surfing at Freshwater when he SHOULD have been fetching me a coffee early yesterday morning but instead ending up on the blog Saltmotion.
Mr Woog,  you are not too busy to read my blog.  And I know this because I went into the history bar of my computer and had a little look at what you have been up to while I have been away.  I feel dirty. You have not been reading MY blog,  because you have been all over these blogs like a rutting dog.

Bike Exif

   So Mr Woog,  I am willing to ride the motorbike while balancing a surfboard and a Kitchen Aid in order for you to read my blog.  Whatever it takes. I will get you back to reading WoogsWorld if it is the last thing I do. A little loyalty would not go astray here. Now I am off to scrub myself in the shower.

Do you make your partner read your blog?