Destination? Hollywood.

We arrived in LA after a 14 hour flight. When we boarded,  Eden and I were separated for the comfort and safety of the other passengers.

I was sitting so close to the pilots that I could have gone and had a chat to them,  it it were not for the extreme security surrounding them.  After a while,  it was apparent that the person sitting next to me was a no show,  so Eden  joined me up the front.

The first thing I did was to have a champers and select what I wished to have for breakfast.  I must admit it felt strange drinking champers at 9.30am,  but I was trying to acclimatise to the time differences,  after all it was cocktail hour in LA.

We got changed into our special jammies and we were off like a brides nightie.  I get a certain comfort from flying with Qantas.  I have flown on heaps of dodgy airlines,  particularly in Europe and The Middle East where they still had a smoking section on the plane! And if you are unlucky enough to be holidaying with your kids,  Qantas has thought of ways to make it less likely that you want to skull a bottle of gin en route and scream at your husband for being a dick.

There are kids kits on board for children along with activity cards, colour pencils and drawing paper, deck of cards, colour pen, jigsaw, all in a reusable travel pouch. They have a dedicated entertainment channel which would be a winner with the Woogettes as they have games on there and my kids are like gaming crack whores.
In certain airports, The Qantas Family Zones cater for children of all ages and feature a range of games and activities provided by Apple, Sony, Mattel, Chicco and Little Nest.

Eden and I watched the families at the Family Zones,  laughed and pointed a little then boarded our flight. Suckers……

During our flight,  we were lucky enough to meet two of the most unreal chicks ever. Robyn and Kate were “First class moles” who looked after First and Business passengers.  They also had a terrific sense of humour.  They took us down to First Class to have a look around and let is sit in the seats for a bit.  They had really really good tales to tell,  none of which will ever be repeated.  Robyn gave is a page of things to see and do during our stop in LA.  She told us a story about how she bought a Chanel dress for $180 marked down from $3000.  It did not seem to bother her that she could not get into it……

TOP CHICKS – Robyn and Kate. I want to party with them at any chance I get.
I am going to spend a lot of time tracking down a supplier of this. It was in my amenities bag and it was amazing! Have you heard of Malin + Goetz? Me either,  but I am glad I bought a spare suitcase as I am getting a vat of this vitamin E goodness.

At LAX,  we were met by a driver called Reuben who looked like he would be more at home in New York hanging out with the Mafia.  He was as cool as,  and took us on a drive through Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive on the way to our hotel.  The houses were just ridiculous.  The difference between rich and poor here is staggering.
And so now we are ensconced here at The Standard Hotel West Hollywood.  If you ever watched Sex and the City,  it is the hotel that the girls stayed in when they visited the West Coast and Samantha met Garth the dildo model at the bar… It is wild.  Our rooms were not ready as we got in so early,  so we sat drinking coffee in the diner and watched LA folk have breakfast meetings and discuss developing TV shows. I am not even kidding.
We were less than fresh, and very un LA like. My room was ready first so I have just woken from a 2 hour power nap.  Eden’s room is STILL not ready so she is asleep in my bed.  Snoring delicately like a little puppy.  A little red puppy. A little red, slightly smelly puppy.
I thought about leaving her for a bit,  but then I thought no.  It is lunchtime here in LA and I want to go order an egg white omelet with a side of organic spinach and a coconut water.
Disclaimer – Qantas provided us with Business Class Upgrades. Which we gleefully accepted.
Disclaimer – I am horribly jet lagged,  so apologise if this post makes no sense.