James Dean is not dead!

There was one thing standing in the way of me crossing the Mexican border today.  And that was the Premier Discount Shopping Mall.  Which was where I ended up. I know. I have a problem. I will deal with it later.

From the mall,  I looked over a car park and over the huge big border that runs between the countries.  I shouted ihola at it and went back to my retail assault.

Before I left home,  I discussed with the Woogettes that I would bring them each back a present. Jack wanted a pink or purple slap band. Harry had an orange one,  and Jack wanted in on the slap band action. So I spent a bit of time trying to track one down. There was not one pink or purple slap band to be found,  until I ran into Chantelle (Aussie bloggers like to shop it seems) and she told me to try Claire’s Accessories, which I did. They had no pink or purple slap bands,  but they had a black one….. ironically with the word PEACE across it. There will be no peace when Jack gets his hands on it….

For some reason it was really important for me to find the slap band.  I think is was to slightly ease my guilt about leaving them and Mr Woog and going across to the other side of the world. To go to a blogging conference. Particularly during Masterchef Finals week. When I re-read those sentences,  the whole thing strikes me as a little strange.
Speaking of strange… Did you know that Jimmy Dean is not dead? Nup. He runs a sausage and breakfast food company that makes frozen food such as Turkey Sausage Muffins, Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches and my favourite ever human food disguised as dog food, Hearty Sausage Crumble. I know this because they had a huge stand at BlogHer.
Jimmy Dean Sales Rep picking at a hangnail.
Oh, and did you know that Puffer Vests are cheap and plentiful in the USA?
Oh America. My time with you is drawing to an end. It has been super, swell and awesome man/dude. I have learnt so much.  And before I know it,  I will be right back where I started, standing in front of my bestest and most faithful servant Fisher & Paykel,  willing him to just do one more load for me before he shits himself and breaks down. As much as I have loved my time here, I must prepare myself to head home tomorrow,  as some people need a big hug……….. and a slap band.
Jack, your moon tan is not distracting me from your lovely manicure.