Meet Doug Woog

This is Doug.

Ok, so Doug is not actually a dentist so I CAN show you his face.

Doug joined our family nearly 12 months ago.

It was Father’s Day and I had asked Mr Woog what he would like for a gift.  Even though he is not my dad. I actually have a Dad, A Step Dad and a Dad in Law,  so I am all covered.  But because the Woogettes are so narcissistic,  they would not have thought to have bought THEIR dad a pressie,  so I get lumped with that responsibility.

Just add it to the list.

Anyway,  I asked Mr Woog what he would like and he said,  as he always does,  nothing.

So that is what he got.

UNTIL later that day,  I went up to Bunnings to buy some Damp Rid and spotted this jaunty little bugger in the gardening section.  He was all alone and had fake moss attached to him. He was “on special” at $6.99 so I picked him up and paid for him,  along with my Damp Rid.

Well,  if I just did not buy the BEST present for Mr Woog!  They fell in love at first sight.  Mr Woog positioned Doug right next to the front gate and gives him a cherry “Good Morning Doug.” each day as he leaves for work. Doug remains silent.

Over the past 12 months,  the rain has washed away the fake moss.  Some mysterious smear has appeared on his little gnome hat and he has thankfully dodged many a soccer ball to remain fully intact.  So on Sunday,  we are going to celebrate Doug’s First Birthday,  along with Father’s Day.  And I am really going to struggle to top that gift this year.

$6.99 people. $6.99

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