No Soup for You! (Unless you win my giveaway and then you can have plenty.)

Now the last time I wrote about a cooking appliance,  I had been to a Thermomix Demonstration and wrote about it. Things got so out of hand with the comments on the blog,  I ended up having to join the International Thermomix Forum as a member to practice some self defence and issue an apology.  So I am treading carefully here…….

A few weeks ago, I was sent a Morphy Richards Soup Maker to try out. I got all excited then Mr Woog put the box in the shed and I forgot all about it. Until yesterday when I went and did reading groups with one of the Woogette’s class.  A lot of the kids were clearly not very well and it seemed the Dimetapp was wearing off. Snot city. I actually got coughed in my face quite a bit. It was filth. But no judgement. I have sent the kids to school in exactly the same condition before.
So I came home and thought I would make a big batch of soup with heaps of veges to wash down a packet of echinacea with. I pulled out the Soup Maker,  quickly discarded the weighty booklet of instructions and glanced over the idiot proof dumbed down version.
I stuck in some veg.
And because I watched Masterchef this season, I did some fancy work with some other condiments. I then covered it with stock. I ended up with a jug full on something similar you might find on the pavement of Oxford Street at 3am as you come out of Maccas……. or so I believe…..
You then boil the jug. You put the lid on it and press smooth or chunky and it cooks it and blends it for you. Dare I say a bit like a thermomix…………. But because I cannot leave well alone,  I pressed the blend button when I should not have and it hissed at me a bit. Kind of like it was saying “Leave me alone you stupid woman.”

After it bubbles away for 25 minutes,  it started humming like a bitch chopping up all the vege goodness. Pulverising it if you will.  This is the part the instructions advise is not the time to stick your hand in the jug.

And in the end you get soup.

Which looked pretty bad but tasted pretty good. I did a plain old vege soup,  but I am assured to can make all kinds of deliciousness. But I am not brave like that.

Mrs Woog, what was the best thing about your Morphy Richards Soup Maker?

It was free.

Mrs Woog, would you part with $169.95 to own one?

Probably not. BUT if I had small babies and/or toddlers I would totally buy one as it would be great for making all sorts of food from smooth runny consistency through to chunky stuff. You could cater for everyone. I think that this would be a real benefit for those families as well as older folk with no teeth.

Mrs Woog, were you paid to blog about this?

No. Again I am whoring myself out for the cost of the product.

Mrs Woog, have the kind people at Morphy Richards have one for you to giveaway?

Why yes! Thanks for asking.

Want to win a Morphy Richards Soup Maker?
Simply leave a comment telling me why you would like to own the Morphy Richards Soup Maker.
For two entries,  you can tweet this giveaway and come back, leaving me an additional comment telling me you have done so.
The winner will be drawn by Harry the Barrel Boy and Random.Org on Wednesday 24th August and redrawn on Friday 26th August if not claimed. Australian Residents Only.
Get in quick, or there will be no soup for you!