Outfit of the Day

This morning I woke up and Mr Woog was doing his impersonation of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!
And he uttered the words that sent shivers down my spine.
“I am running too late to go and get the coffees this morning.”
So I was all like “But you have to!  I have to go to (insert name of government funded hearing clinic here) to get Jack some new moulds and that place makes me so tense that I fear for the folk who work there if I do not get coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..”
And then HE says…
“Go and grab some while I am in the shower…”
My eyes rolled back into my head in the manner of a grand mal seizure. When you are a lady, like I am, it is hard to rush ANYWHERE in the morning.  When you open you eyes the thought of getting a bra on before 7am is hideous.  But I found one anyway, chucked a black jacket on and grabbed Harry,  insisting on some incidental bonding time while our coffee was being prepared.. He was surprisingly down with that.
On the way back from the cafe,  Harry asked me if I was going to wear my outfit to drop him off to school. I scoffed “No darling. I am not going to wear my pyjamas to take you to school. What sort of a mother do you think I am?”
The national school drop off costume of the North Shore mum.
But it transpired that today I WAS that sort of mother due to unforeseen time restraints and circumstance.  So my tip to you?  You really only need a black jacket and a scarf to stay in your pyjamas all day. I did however treat myself to a teeth clean and a generous serve of deodorant. But it is now nearly time for Oprah and I am right to rock and roll.
And that is how you get away with wearing your pyjamas all day.
You are welcome!